My Week In Pictures #44

Monday, December 2

(From top left) The advent calendar went up today- nothing like some tradition on Christmas. My ASOS magazine arrived and it has a gift guide in it!! Finally managed to cut and hem my joggers so I'm not falling over them all the time at dancing. Went to the shops with mum today wearing my snowflake jumper. I made beetroot soup for lunch. The first wearing of my christmas t shirt- can you tell I'm happy. 
Not sure what to say about this past week. I have been out most nights for songshop rehearsals with only tuesday and saturday off. I am feeling extremely drained but tomorrow is the first night so I better try to rest. I also managed to do some uni work finally and am catching up slowly. Going to do my best to keep it up but I'm just in the mood for blogging today. I have been trying to look for some new sponsors for December so if you think you would be interested give me an email- We got the really sad news this week that my cousins husband has left her. Remember the wedding I was at last month here. Just a week after coming back from their honey moon he told her he couldn't do it anymore and left. I feel really bad for her!

This coming week in show week with the dress rehearsal for jack and the beanstalk on monday then a show every night and two on saturday. It will be a tiring week but I am looking forward to it. There are some really fun numbers in the show even though it is hard work.

I hope you've had a good weekend too. Currently I have some things on eBay so would love it if you could have a look.

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