My week in pictures #48

Sunday, December 29

(From top left) Christmasy selfie before going shopping on Monday. BBQ pulled pork brioche for lunch at the DCA. Presents under the christmas tree. Christmas dinner. Looking very festive eating my soup. I made crackers for Christmas dinner. My lovely presents. Went out for lunch again on Saturday (I had butternut squash pasta). Painted my nails purple for Christmas day. My little new look sale haul.
Always a strange sort of week Christmas- last Sunday feels like weeks ago! On Monday we went out and finished our Christmas shopping and one of mums old friends came down from Edinburgh so we went to the DCA for lunch. My brioche was amazingly good and now I am craving it all over again. I just stayed at home on Christmas eve and Christmas day which was nice and relaxing. Our day was very quiet and we only saw my cousins then my aunt and uncle for dinner. Usually we see more family over the festive break but they must all be busy.

Yesterday we went to St. Andrews and had a look at the sales and had lunch in the glass house which was lovely as always. I was super stuffed when I got out though and freezing because for some reason I thought a jumper would be warm enough and it was raining. Today mum and I went to newlook to exchange the body warmer she got me for a different size and I also picked up a few things in the sales. Apart from that we have just been at home in front of the fire watching DVDs. I hope you all had a great Christmas too!

I have a few year review posts lined up for next week and a post about my Christmas presents if you would be interested. I also have space for some January advertisers if you are interested. My email is 

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  1. I haven't been to St. Andrews in ages but I used to love it for a wander around when one of my besties went to uni there. Also, that pulled pork looks INCREDIBLE.


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