Scottish Blogger Network Secret Santa

Monday, December 30

This is just going to be a quick post to say thank you to the fabulous bloggers who bought me this joules set. As it is my first christmas as a blogger I jumped at the chance to take part in a secret santa. I spend weeks reading my partners blog to choose something for her and a few days after posting it I received an intriguing square box in the post. I like to keep things under the tree until christmas so in the morning I opened it with lots of excitement. How did you know I love florals!? and joules is just a perfect brand. I love these pots with the bunnies on top so when the product is finished I will find something else for inside them- the same goes for the box which will go on my shelves. 

I bought a gift for Leigh from little piece of beauty so go and check her blog out. I will be posting about the rest of my gifts tomorrow so come back then.


  1. What a cute gift! I love the idea of a secret Santa, next year I'll definitely have to find one to get involved with!

  2. ahh what a lovely little box of treats! Love the packaging for this!

    Hannah xx


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