Getting To Know... Bundi

Tuesday, January 28

My name is Bundi and I am named after a character in a book (it seems like only) my family have read called "The Angel's Command"  by Brian Jacques. The Dog, Ned, gets stolen by travellers and is renamed Bundi. Ned thinks it is ridiculous.

I am always looking to Dan for advice and like to copy him whatever he does.

I do an excellent impersonation of a black leather sofa and if someone helps cover up my white bits I can lie very still and dad doesn't notice I am on the furniture.

When we are out on walks I like to annoy stones. I bark and growl at them while digging them up- then I look to my mum for encouragement (which I mostly get because I am so funny).

I am very hard to take photos of because I am always wriggling around and never stay still.

I like to pretend I know where the mice are in the wall and stare at them intently (see below on the lefthand side) while everyone laughs at me. The mice/rats have code names I know like Bradley (Wiggins) and Sirius (Black- when I'm looking in the fire). I will react if you 'wheres' in a certain voice though. The name doesn't really matter.

I am a tiny bit food aggressive but just with Dan. I am also a fussy eater and put food on the ground and sniff it before I dare eat it.

I sleep under the kitchen curtain incase I miss any activity in the garden during the night.

I am a little monkey and hate being wet so when I come in from the garden on a rainy day and twist myself in the curtains to dry myself. They are so easy to pull I can open them all by myself. 

In the morning I like to sneak upstairs and get on mums bed even if I'm not allowed. I will also slip up stairs at any opportunity (especially if someone is going through the door with a cup of tea and can't stop me) but I'm only being friendly and want to spend time with my family.

One day when I was a puppy I chewed a jute bag from the Chinese supermarket- my family made a big deal out of it and made me feel very guilty. A few months later they bought another bag and brought it into the kitchen and I knew it was the same and felt guilty all over again.

I don't like shouting and at the first sign of trouble (even before anyone has started shouting yet) I run to the corner of the room. I don't like it when my family are screaming at each other and I especially don't want to get involved.

I hope you've enjoyed reading these posts as much as I have writing them. If you haven't already have a look at the one about Dan or other collie. I am currently looking for February  sponsors so please get in touch- they are only £2 


  1. Oh so cute! My first dog was a border collie so I have such a soft spot for them.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes


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