My week in pictures #52

Sunday, January 26

(From Top Left) I spent ages on Monday trying to take a suitable profile picture for my blog- what do you think? I've taken photos of vintage camera equipment to sell on ebay. I became an Asos Insider (woo!!)- I've not received my gift yet but hopefully will update you soon. I got sent this beautiful box from Live Laugh Love but there will be a full post on it later this week. We got two new fish- meet Zippy and Fizz (they are hiding from me). Mum and I had a movie night on Friday and watched world war Z. I received my pre-ordered youmeatsix album cavalier youth- if you are a fan you won't be disappointed. I bought more primeval DVDs- I'm addicted!!
I must admit I've done very very little this week... I left the house one day out of seven. On monday I spend the afternoon taking pictures for Tuesdays outfit post. I also managed to take a new profile picture after a few hundred attempts. What do you think? The next most exciting things thats happened this week was I found out I am an Asos Insider on Thursday evening. I am so pleased that someone thinks my blog is good enough and I'm excited to be starting something new with my blog for 2014. On Friday we finally got to the pet shop to buy two new fish. We have named them zippy (my choice) and Fizz (my brothers) and they are currently at the stage of hiding every time we go near the tank. Hopefully they will be able to keep my old fish Josh company soon. We had a movie night on Friday and spent Saturday listening to youmeatsix's new album and relaxing... as was today. I'm still in my jammies in fact.

I don't have any posts planned out for next week... Slowly losing inspiration here. Also it has come time to find February sponsors and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it going- let me know if you are interested please? Hope you've all had a good weekend!!


  1. Nice blog post, loving your camera x

  2. Woooo well done on becoming a ASOS insider! :)
    I wish I followed your blog sooner I've been having a good read through your posts :) x

  3. I love being nosey and reading these kinds of posts :) And, can I just say...I love the name of your blog!

    Thanks for sending me your link on twitter :)


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