My Year In Pictures 2013

Wednesday, January 1

(From top left) I wrote a geography essay that I'm very proud of. I applied to uni via UCAS (and failed to get a place). Feel in love with a felt fedora but I still don't own one. Was introduced to o.p.i. Collected knitted jumpers for babies in Africa. Bought my prom dress. And my ticket. Got awarded most ginger and clumsiest in our yearbook. Got lots of lovely presents when I turned 18. Got my first smart phone. Got the highest mark in the school for my geography project. Got ginger claire on my leavers hoodie. Went to the Glasgow 7s (rugby). Went to see a local theatre group doing guys and dolls. Watched the birds nest in my window all summer. Performed in grease- my favourite musical. Helped my dad with his beekeeping and got lots of honey. Read blog inc. a turning point in the way I blog. Received my yearbook when I left school. Bought myself a T in the Park ticket.

(From top left) Bought a new camera. Andy Murray won wimbledon- a great day to be Scottish. Packed for T in the park. Slept in the sun at T in the park. Got tonsillitis the week after being back from the festival. Got my advanced higher results. The beautiful butterflies in our garden this summer. Bought a cute Harry Potter accessory. Bought my first faux fur coat. Bought my first onesie. Started a distance learning course at uni in geology. Bought a macbook pro which I've been saving for for years. Got my uni ID (officially a student). Reached 100 followers by my 100th post. gisforgingers got their own domain. Went to my cousins wedding (for them to split up three weeks later). Bought my T in the park 2014 ticket. Started counting down to christmas. Performed in jack and the beanstalk (my fourth panto). Went to see Catching fire in the cinema. 

Gonna keep this short but thought you should see what I've got up to this year. I can safely say 2013 hasn't been a great year and without my blog during the summer I don't know what would of happened to me. Sometimes I don't admit how tough things are at the time but looking back I was miserable from the finish of my exams in may to results day in August. Minus the weekend at t in the park which was amazing.

I don't usually have resolutions but through blogger chats I've come up with some. Personally:

- I want to get into uni to study geology full time.
- I want to move on and make new friends and leave other people behind (where lets face it they belong).
- I really need to get a job to save for T in the park 2014.

And as far as my blog goes:
- I would just keep to keep improving with my writing, photography and building up a theme and style for gisforgingers.
- I would love to meet some bloggers in real life and share tips- there is such a great community out there. 
- I would love to start working with more brands and discover new companies and help them grow.
- I want to feel comfortable enough to tell people outside this house about my blog. I am hugely proud of it and would hate anyone to bitch about it (which people will).

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  1. Good luck with all your goals, especially getting into uni! Oh, and yes, sometimes people are better left in the past so you can move on to new friends.

  2. One of my closest friends broke up from his wife within months of getting married - it's really shocking when that happens so close after getting wed!

    Have a wonderful 2014!


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