2013 In Outfits

Tuesday, December 31

Grey SkiesGreat Parties ⎮Peachy Pink
I started gisforgingers to be a fashion blog because they are my favourites to read. After a year of blogging and 47 outfit posts later I decided to share my favourites of 2013. I hope you can see the improvement as I can. I have included my first outfit here although I find it very awkward. My first few posts only have 1 or 2 views each (and even then I think those were me).

Rainy DaysHappy 18th To MeIt's Show Time
My mum gave me this denim shirt and I have worn it several times since. These photos we slightly awkward too. My photos have improved since then though. In March I turned 18 and showed you what I wore for my party- it is still one of my favourite outfit posts. I also took my first outfit photos outside and I think these photos are beautiful. I always mean to take more outfit but it doesn't always work out weather wise.

Leopard Prints and Skater SkirtsSpring Days Drifting AwayLove Hearts and Smiles
These photos mark the start of summer months and even more skater skirts (I have a slight addiction). Since I had finished school we had lots of parties to go to and was able to go out with family more. This made being a fashion blogger much easier because I wasn't spending five days a week in my school uniform.

Prom Time⎮ Summer BBQs⎮ Aztec Print Summer Skater Dress
Prom was a good night out with my year at school and I love this dress but I don't think the photos do it justice. I love this river island playsuit too- I only wish there was more summer days I could wear it. Wearing dresses all day is one of my favourite things in summer- I am a true girly girl.

Family Dinner⎮ Edinburgh's Festival Fringe⎮ Wild Strawberries
It was starting to get cooler in august when these photos were taken and I think it shows in these outfits. I also made my first item of clothing- this wild strawberry dress and I was able to wear it on one of the last very sunny and warm days of the year.

Food and Flower FestivalYet Another Skater SkirtLets Go To A Tea Party
I think my style has changed slightly since starting this blog. I put more thought into outfits and try to come up with new combinations to share with you. As you can see I don't have a lot of money to spend and clothes and haven't bought anything especially for my blog.

Can You Hear The Bells?Denim Will Always Be In FashionAutumnal Plaid Shirt
Finally I got the chance to re-wear one of my christmas dance dresses at my cousins wedding in september. I love having somewhere posher to go to and get all dressed up. I even put on accessories which must be a big occasion for me.

I'm Dreaming of a Red ChristmasMy Sparkly Christmas Day Outfit
These last two are the christmasy outfit you will have seen in the past few day. I hope you have seen a few more outfit in this post and it was as nice for you as it was for me to see 2013 in outfits. Gisforgingers started out with no followers like very blog and very slowly has gained 210 followers in just under a year. I could't be more proud!!

I love to know which ones you like best and if you fancy visit the post and leave a comment because most of the earlier ones don't have any! Have a great NYE!!!


  1. I love "love hearts and smiles" and "family dinner", your figure looks great lovely!!

    Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


  2. Love "Edinburgh Festival Fringe" and "I'm Dreaming Of A Red Christmas"

  3. Some lovely outfits! I really like 'denim will always be in fashion' and 'love hearts and smiles'

    Bella x

  4. Ich finde die Outfits alle richtig toll. Da kann man sich gar nicht für eines entscheiden.

  5. I love how having a blog is such a great way to recap on the past 13months. You look so good and happy in each outfit which is so much more important than how much £££ is spentxx💷


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