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Friday, February 28

April is a twenty something blogger running 'Beautiface'- a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog from London. She posts a variety of reviews, baking and tutorial posts as well as some shopping hauls. April has been blogging since January 2013 and her blog has a lovely fresh feel to it. Talking about layouts she also offers blog designs from as a little as £10. Her portfolio can be found on her blog as well as the details about her design packages. If she sounds like your kind of blogger go and have a look at her site and maybe give her a follow.

'Shuttersong' is a great new app for your iPhone that allows you to record up to 15 seconds of music to add to your pictures. This would be perfect for remembering occasions when the sound is just as important as the pictures such as at music gigs (where I would use it most) and taking photos of your children as they grow up. Another excellent things about the app is your friends don’t need the app to view your shutter songs- you can share them on facebook or your own shuttersong stream. Another thing for us bloggers is you can also add them to your blog post.

'The Money Shed' is a brilliant site for anyone who want to earn money online from home. You can talk to like-minded people in their forums including topics like earning money online and money saving tips. This would be great for students, stay at home parents or anyone trying to save for something special. Don’t forget to head there too if you have some helpful blog posts and share them. There are more opportunities for people earn cash than ever from home. All it takes is finding the right solution that is where the money shed fits in- go and check it out. 

'Looks and Lifestyle' is Jen’s blog- she is in her early twenties and already an award-winning UK blogger who writes about all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. Her blog is just over 6 months old. She posted regularly with a mix of reviews, recipe find of the week posts and lovely outfits (my favorite is her valentines looks). She loves everything Disney and own far too many nail polishes so if this sounds like your kind of blogger go and have a look at her site and maybe give her a follow.

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If you don’t know about Ari from 'The Happy Cactus Shop' already why not? She has been a continuing support to my little blog. She is attempting to have a handmade life and her store sells (among other things) folded wallets, clutches and scarves all in super cute and funky fabrics. You can also check out Ari’s photography while you’re on her site- she takes lovely photos of nature around her home in Alabama with her dogs and husband.

The owner of ‘The Beauty and the Gin’ is Robin a beauty and lifestyle blogger based in the fabulous Los Angeles. Her blog features a range of beauty reviews, recipe posts. If you enjoy food, cocktails and nightlife then give her page a look and maybe even give her a follow. If you also like to dabble in makeup, style, food and drinks then hopefully you'll enjoy her posts.

Wardrobe Conversations’ is a unique blog run by Helen and Kimberley who grew up in sunny Scotland (slightly bias here). They now live two hours' drive apart, so don't see each other as often. They decided that a blog would be the perfect excuse for us to get together and share their love of fashion. They enjoy fashion, vintage, tea and art. Helen is clothing design graduate who runs her own business. Kimberley is an English Language graduate who works in education but together they are the perfect fashion blogging pair. Please have a look at their blog.

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I still have a few ad spaces left for March so please get in touch- if you want more information have a look at the tab along the top or if you email me at gisforgingers@hotmail.com and I will send you my full information pack!  

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