Alternative February Favourites

Thursday, February 27

After being uninspired to blog all week I thought I would do a sort of alternative February favourites post with the best things form the month. The fabulous Olivia from 'What Olivia Did' did something similar for January. Hope you enjoy it and please leave your feedback in the comments below.

The Wolf Of Wall Street... This was not only the best film I saw this month but also the best day out in February. A lot of people have seen this film by now and wasn't it bloody fantastic. Not only is it full on all the way through but I couldn't guess what would happen to Jordan in the end. I went with my friend Scott on the first weekend of the month and actually find it difficult to believe it was this month- seems so long ago. Basically if you've not seen it you've got to go now!

Bought a New Handbag... I don't usually buy primark from charity shops but when I spotted this one in a local shop I couldn't resist. It hadn't been used hardly at all and was only £2.50. It is a lovely brown leather effect and has a cool clasp. Even if it doesn't last me along time for less than £3 it is well worth it for a good autumn/winter colour.

Got an Offer from the University of Aberdeen... 14th of February 2014 will be on my mind for a long time because it was the day I got my first conditional uni offer. If you aren't familiar with UCAS they first email you telling you 'something has changed on your application' so you've got to rush into the website, log on and looks at what they've said. I had six rejections last year so I was especially nervous and felt so sick by the time I logged on. However, it was good news! I screamed and ran down to my mum, phoned my dad and the rest of my family. Everyone was so happy!!

Snapped Up a New Scarf... Mum and I popped into Newlook one Thursday morning because I wanted a new skater skirt and we spotted all this lovely knitwear in the accessories section all for just £1!! I got a few things but this scarf was my favourite it is Aztec patterned (if you can't tell already I love it) and it's huge. It was originally £12.99 so was defiantly the bargain of the month too.

Baked Profiteroles... Finally bite the bullet and gave these little treats ago at the weekend. They were quite tricky and the photos you see were my second attempt but they turned out so well and were perfect. Although there was a couple of difficult parts like piping and filling the choux pastry buns with cream I managed and hopefully will get better every time I make them. Maybe they will be a perfect birthday treat- which is in less than a month by the way (cards and presents welcome).

Hope everyone is having a good week- hopefully going shopping with mum either tomorrow or Saturday. Will update you all next week.


  1. Those profiteroles look absolutely delicious; got my tummy growling over here lady!

  2. OMG the Wolf of Wall Street is such an amazing film! One of the best films that I've watched in agess. That bag is so lovely, I love shopping in charity shops :p
    Tiana x

  3. Really wanted to see Wolf of Wall Street! Also those profiteroles look amaaaazing! xxx

  4. I still haven't seen Wolf of Wall Street but I've heard so many good things about it I cant wait until I do! Btw, those profiteroles look delicious!!! :)

    Love From Twinkle

  5. I loved the wolf of wall street such a great film, if a bit too long though! Congratulations on getting an offer, i remember that feeling a few years ago :D xx


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