My week in pictures #56

Sunday, February 23

(From top left) My perfect profiteroles I made this afternoon. Scotland won the rugby match against Italy- watched the whole match on my feet. I've done lots of scrapbooking this week. Watched sightseers with mum- I never find black comedies as funny as she does and this one was kinda dark.

Well as you can see from the four pictures I managed to put together for this post I've not done anything interesting this week. I did managed to do some uni work four out of five days which might account for it. I received my letter from Aberdeen Uni confirming my offer so it has motivated me to work really hard.

On Thursday evening I decided to try and make profiteroles but I must of added to much egg and the picture was way to runny to pipe. I put the mixture in muffin cases and they turned out okay- have a look at my Instagram picture. Needless to say being a perfectionist I had to give it another go so today I tried a different recipe. As you can see above they worked perfectly and we will be having them for pudding tonight.

Saturday was another rugby match for Scotland we went into it with very little hope after our last defeat against England. However, despite everything, we won!! It was defiantly the best game of rugby I've seen in ages.

Apart from that I've spent the week blogging, reading my geology textbook and game of thrones. It is keeping me up way to late at night and I can't wake up in the morning. I shut my eyes for a couple of seconds and woke up half an hour later- twice! What is wrong with me?

Did anyone else watch the Brit awards? I found them really exciting and I was hooked all the way through. So glad Bastille won best British breakthrough act after I voted for them. I also have been doing some scrapbooking- I had loads of pictures to put in. I've used them all up now so I ordered some more including the pictures I took at T in the park. Can't wait til they arrive.

I added a few things to my ASOS sale. I am looking to sell everything so please make me an offer if you are interested. If you have any questions please send me a message.

Next Friday sees the end of the week and that means renewing my blog sponsors in my sidebar. You can find more information in the tab along the top or if you email me at and I can send you the information. 

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.


  1. i'm very impressed by the profiteroles, i'm too scared to try making them myself! x

  2. Oh Scrapbooking :( I have like 7 years worth of photos on my computer I need to print off and match up with my shoebox of bits and bobs in a scrapbook. Your's looks really good! x


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