My week in pictures #60

Monday, March 24

(From top left) After haircut selfie- doesn't look much different but the ends feels so soft. Made spinach and feta tarts for tea on Wednesday. New knitwear from F&F and BritFash. Gifts from my friends over at shuttersong arrived. Watched seven psychopaths with mum on Thursday- was actually pretty funny. Bundi curled up asleep in front of the fire.

(From top left) My brother made soufflés for after dinner. Birthday selfie- before Scott arrived for dinner.  Made a lemon and blueberry cake on Friday for my birthday. Clearly taking selfies with my dog needs practise. A selection of my birthday cards. My birthday presents (hopefully a post will follow next week).
Well my 19th birthday couldn't have been more different from my 18th. I got up on Friday all ready to relax- started off the day with a bath. I used some more of my lush bubble bar and used a face mask to brighten my skin. In the afternoon I made a birthday cake for myself (I've got a recipe post all sorted for Thursday). I was really pleased with the way the cake turned out and everyone said how delicious it was. After he finished work Scott came round- we took the dogs for a walk before the very last of light disappeared. It was a lovely evening spent with my family and my best friend. 

On Sunday the rest of my mums family came to visit which was really nice. They stayed for tea (mum made yummy cod cakes in a tomato sauce) and we finished my cake. By the time they left I was too sleepy to sort out things for this post hence why its being posted on a Monday instead (oops).

I didn't do a whole lot on the few days before my birthday- just uni work and online shopping (not much to report there). Hopefully I will managed to do even more uni work this week- it is lovely and sunny outside so I will go for a walk soon I'm sure.

It has also come to that time of month that I'm looking for April advertisers- if you want my info pack then email me at (for info on the tab along the top!)

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