Peach Pink and Leopard Print Bows

Tuesday, March 25

Dress: 'She Likes' clothing | Shirt: New Look | Shoes: m.milano | Necklace: Accessorise

If you've read my last outfit post you wouldn't be blamed for thinking I was going for a colour theme with these birthday outfits. I just really love that peachy pink colour so I thought I would wear it for my birthday tea and for my family coming round on Sunday for a little celebration. I got this dress originally for my 17th birthday party from 'She Likes' clothing so it has featured at least once on my blog already. If you read my blog regularly then you will know how much I enjoy the skater style skirts and dresses so this one is a classic casual dress.

The dress itself has worn really well for the low cost of it and I love how the leopard print bow is nice and thick so stays in place well. Here I paired it with my star & wishbone necklace because I'm trying to wear a little more of my jewellery. Knowing that I was just going to be in the house all day I also paired it with these super cute sparkly pumps. They make me feel like a kid again (who didn't have a pair of these for Christmas parties?) and I also have a pink pair I've not managed to wear yet! 

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