My week in pictures #61

Sunday, March 30

(From top left) Made cherry and chocolate ice cream- aka ben & jerry's flavour 
Cherry Garcia. A little cartoon me (with evil eyes) for mothers day and some books for her. Pear tart made for mothers day dinner. Cute pinwheel thank you cards. Selfie before going to Scotts for a movie night. Thank you cards all ready for the post- minus addresses of course! Watched the impossible! Such a heart warming film. Finished 'when the wind flows' which was a nice easy read with a good story. 
Well I can't say this week has been full of activity. Mostly I've been doing uni work (not a lot but enough to keep me going) and making thank you cards- one of my favourite things about getting presents. On Wednesday I went to Scott's when he finished work- we tried to watch 'The Wedding Crashers' but his Internet wouldn't let us stream it. It was ironic because just the week before he was telling me that DVDs were over and streaming was the way forward. I had the loveliest night just chilling and getting cuddles so I was complaining!

On Saturday we went to Dundee because mum need to exchange jeans she had bought before and I was going to swap a birthday present in newlook (there is a post about my presents all ready for next week). I was unbelievably sleepy and the whole morning seemed like a daze- I didn't get anything apart from some books in the works. That night I finished mums mothers day card. We also watched 'The Impossible' which was possibly one of the most beautiful films I've seen in a long time (and very emotional).

We've not done anything special for mothers day apart from a long lie (dam the time change) and I've spent hours baking for dinner. Hopefully mum will enjoy her pear tart- there might be a recipe post on the blog but there was lots of steps so I'm not sure yet.

If have have a spare 5 minutes an interview I did with My Name is Jilly is live on the Scot Bloggers blog- you can see it here.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and spoilt their mum rotten!!  

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