Tuesday, April 1

My 19th Birthday Presents

It feels like ALONG time since my birthday! It's just a shame it's not like Christmas and lasts for weeks. I thought I would show you some of the lovely gifts I received from my family because I always find these posts really interesting. As well as the presents you see above I got some money and I can now pay for the rest of my 'T in the Park' ticket. My little brother is still promising me 'The Sims 3' which would be a joint Christmas and birthday present (yes it is that late) but as normal he has no money so I will have to wait.

Every year my cousins give me the gift receipt along with my present and I've never exchanged anything before now (my cousin has great taste). The original present contain a purse but as I already have a good one I wouldn't have used a new one so I took it back to and exchanged it for the matching bag. I loved the colour and style so it made sense to go with what my cousin had picked. I also love this floral skirt! I'm sure you will see it ALOT on the blog over the summer.

These gifts were from a really good friend, Scott. He was invited over for my birthday tea so was forced (by social convention) to get me something so he got me tatty teddy which has spent every night in my bed since. It is always nice to have something that reminds you of your closest friends. He also picked out this Yankee candle- they can be very hit and miss for me so I was very nervous opening it. Some I love and some I wouldn't have in my house (salted carmel I'm looking at you!). However the boy did good- this one has fast become one of my favourites.

Okay if you follow me on twitter or Instagram you might have noticed I actually bought these from ASOS for myself but when I sent a picture to my aunty she liked them so much she offered to pay for them for my birthday- hence why they are included in this post. I fell in love with them straight away and almost missed out on them. I kept checking back thought and they popped up again in my size. It was a no brainer really- they will get so much wear with summer dresses.

This last lot of prezzies are from my wonderful parents. I hinted and hinter for these JuJu Jellie boots and on the week of my birthday I discovered my mum hadn't ordered them yet (she is rubbish at hints). They were on sale in Schuh and I couldn't let the bargain pass by so we ordered them together. I opened them in my birthday and LOVE them- they are going to look so cute at festivals in the summer. The humming bird bakery book was a surprise and everything inside it makes my mouth water. Some seriously fancy cupcake have been added to my 'too bake' list.

It goes without saying I am extremely thankful for everything I received and I'm not boasting about anything!!


  1. You did so well! Absolutely adore the mary jane shoes and the jelly boots are amazing I have wanted a pair like that forever! The teddy is super cute too :) I wish birthdays lasted as long as Christmas too :( xx

  2. What a wonderful birthday I love the pastel sandals they are superb Lucy x

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! The ASOS shoes are fab! (i got them in pink!) x

  4. Aw such a cute collection of gifts! Love the blue shoesies. Happy belated 19th miss :)

    Best wishes, Danielle

  5. I hope you had a lovely birthday.
    You received so many lovely presents.
    My birthday is in a weeks time. I hope I receive such lovely things

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  6. You got a link to the mint shoes? They're gorgeous x

  7. Well I hope you had a lovely birthday, you got so many pretty things and I love those shoes!


  8. Happy belated birthday! These gifts are all so cute - especially love the blue shades!


  9. OMG those shoes are dreamy! <3 (happy super belated birthday!)

    Amanda | sayanythingon.blogspot.co.uk


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