My week in pictures #63

Monday, April 14

(From top left) Carrie and I after our walk round a loch (very Scottish). My outfit for dinner on Friday night. Loch an Eilein- Scottish highlands. Painted my nails with models own 'Duck' part of their speckled egg collection after winning Topaz & May's giveaway. Made a pear tart titan on Saturday evening. A wee primark haul after my trip to inverness. Watched tintin with one cousin cuddled in on each side- perfect! Cairngorm white lady enjoyed on Friday in Aviemore.

This past week I've been in holiday in Aviemore (you might have guessed if you saw last weeks pictures post). We arrived on Saturday and stayed until the follow Saturday- I had a great holiday. I shared a lot of what happened on my Instagram so have a look their if your nosey. I've picked out a few more photos to show you here.

On Tuesday Aunty Sheila and I went to Inverness on the bus for a spot of shopping. It's always nice to go somewhere different and I saw quiet a few things I liked but only got things in primark. When we got back to the apartment the wifi was back on (yippee- it had been off since we arrived) so I was able to blog. My cousins also arrived that night and stayed with us for the rest of the week. Not sure I enjoyed having my curtains opened at 8:30am every morning by 3 year old Finlay.

We did lots of things like walking, bike rides and swimming so I feel very active. Hopefully I can keep that up at home. We went out to the cairngorm hotel for dinner on Friday and it was delicious. It ended up getting really late and got home at 10:30 and my cousins were falling asleep in the car.

We got home about 2pm on Saturday and it was so nice to see my parents again. I had a lazy rest of the day and only did some baking in the evening. Today (Sunday) my boyfriend came round and we went for a walk on the beach before dinner. It was good to see him after a whole week and we lay on the sofa doing nothing for ages. He left just after 9pm and I was too lazy to finish this post.

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend and if you enjoy my blog please give me a follow on Bloglovin' 

P.S. Although I was missing from twitter for most of the week I didn't forget to blog- read my outfit post here and a recipe post here and let me know what you think!

I'm selling some things on ebay here. Please have a look because they all start at 99p (I was feeling brave). Ending on Friday evening.


  1. This sounds like a lovely week - I love getting outdoors in the fresh air and being active (although I still don't do it nearly enough!)


    p.s. that speckled nail polish is amazing - perfect for Easter!

  2. Love the nails it reminds me of mini eggs for some strange reason Lucy


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