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Saturday, May 31

This month I've decided to do something a little different with my May Sponsors post- I send each of my advertisers three questions which I hope will let you get to know them better. Please check out each blogger's site and you can see how to get involved at the end.

Why did you start Andreas Make-up Artistry?
I started Andreas Make-up Artistry as I had been reading Beauty Blogs for some time and loved them. Upon my career change and training to become a make-up artist, I wanted a way to document my new journey & my love for beauty & fashion.

What are your favourite types of posts to write?
I don't know really I have many, hauls, accounts of shoots I work on with details of the products I used, tags and reviews.

What would your top tips be for summer make up looks and what products are you loving at the moment?
Top tips for summer are to keep your makeup light and fresh, the usual use a SPF, swap your foundation for a lighter tinted moisturiser/BB Cream and go a little crazy with colours if you are going to a festival! 

My favourite products are Ginvera BB Cream - you don't have to worry about colour matching as the one shade adapts to every skin tone, it is super light and yet still gives a decent amount of coverage. I'm also loving a lot of the products from Makeup Revolution at the moment.

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Why did you start Wardrobe Conversation? 
We have been friends since school and started Wardrobe Conversations after many discussions about wanting to do a new fashion- based project together. Years ago I had a style blog for my uni friends to use to borrow clothes from my wardrobe but lacked self- motivation to grow it bigger & Helen wanted to branch out from her Jolly Good blog. And to boss me around! It just made sense to pair up in a blog.

What are your favourite types of posts to write?
We both really enjoy our Styled By posts, where we both show how we would style a specific theme. We are also both into nail art too, so we like those. Helen likes crafty DIY posts because she's good at it, while mine are always DIY disasters. My new favourite posts are or Unlikely Style Icons. We can be a bit sillier in the photos, and we get to use props! Can't go wrong with props!

What would your top tips be for summer fashion and what trends are you loving at the moment?
Fruit! Helen plans on dressing as a fruit salad all summer, while I've been looking out tropical prints and all things pineapple. We are still both really loving bright co-ords at the moment, and jelly shoes, so we'll be spending summer in those. 

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Why did you want to design the shuttersong app?
Our founder wanted to create it because he found an old picture of his son in one of those frames where you could record your voice. At that moment he knew that it could be a great app.

Do you have any personal favourite ways of using the app or any tips for our readers?
We like to take picture of nature and add music, but out users are very inventive, we have teachers using it to help autistic children, DJ's sharing 15 seconds of a new mix with artwork, a church promotes the content of the upcoming sermon and inspiration for the day, concerts and events, and even fashion bloggers sharing an OOTD by Shuttersong.

Shuttersong has been steadily growing all year but do you have anything exciting planned for the future?
We have lots planned - soon there will be a windows 8 and Android version, Instagram posting, and connection to all kinds of musical services. We also plan on adding a lot more content to the store.

Why did you start The Money Shed?
I started The Money Shed to creative an alternative to MSE. I wanted people to be free to post referral links and share information an invites without fear of reprimand.
This has resulted in a fantastic UK focused forum culture where everyone helps each other out and goes far and above helping each other earn the money they want online.

What are the most popular threads on the forum that your members engage with?
The 63336 thread (in earn money online) - help people find out how to earn money online by working for text q&a service. 
The Roamler and field agent thread (again in the earn money online section) - earn money by using your iphone or android smartphone such as Roamler and Field agent. The introduce yourself thread where members introduce their circumstances
The Earn money online stigma- Why is there such a stigma attached to tell others you earn money online? What were your first steps into earning money online? The money earning diaries section- A fascinating area where people chronicle their online earnings each month.

The Money Shed has been steadily growing all year but do you have anything exciting planned for the future?
June we are going to have out World Cup Raffle where if your chosen team wins the World Cup (or gets further than the rest) you win £50

More adventures with doctor puppet:

More discounts for members. We have people offer massive discounts on graphic design, domain names and fiver gigs.

At the moment they are having a world cup sweepstake competition which you can enter here.

I still have a few ad spaces left for May so please get in touch- if you want more information have a look at the tab along the top or if you email me at and I will send you my full information pack!  

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