Oranges and Peach for Summer Festivals

Tuesday, May 27

Top: Primark | Shorts: Peacocks | Jumper: New Look | Shoes: New Look
Bag: New Look | Necklace: Charmed Choices
MoFest is my local music festival which like most involves going out, having a few drinks and listening to some local bands took place at the weekend. So this is my first festival inspired look of the season as promised in my week in pictures post. On Saturday I headed up to town where the main stage is on the high street. We stayed outside until about tea time when it was necessary to go home (well my boyfriends) for some well needed food as well as a break from the drink. At night we saw some pretty good bands in the pubs. It being my first time out drinking all year!? (shock I know) I had a really lovely time. I can't be the only one that finds guys nights out really chilled... they just don't do drama!!

I decided to go with the festival fail safe... denim shorts. I also realised these have never featured in an outfit post since I bought them for T in the Park last year. They are a super comfy, soft and stretchy denim and I wear them all the time. This primark top was a recent purchase when I was out looking for a white one of the same style (which I couldn't find) however this one is a beautiful colour. Luckily when I got it home I realised it was a perfect match for my beautiful newlook satchel. The baseball jacket is a slightly random addition to the outfit however I'm always stuck for something cosy to throw on (what do you buy!?) thank goodness I wore it because by 5/6pm I was FREEZING. 

I'm not sure why this post was so rambley but I still hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Loving your outfit sweetie the colours are perfect for summer time :D x

  2. Love the purple and grey bomber! xx

    Katy |

  3. I have always wanted to go to a festival! I think denim jeans are an ultimate staple for them:) Planning on doing a few posts like this too even if i cant go to one haha xx

  4. I agree with the colours! Perfect for this summer
    You look fab
    love victoriajanex


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