Multi Coloured Spring Knitwear

Wednesday, May 7

Jumper: F&F | Skirt: New Look | Shoes: New Look
Ever wonder if an outfit is just to 'plain' to share on your blog? It feels like all I ever wear is knitwear and skater skirts. If you ever get fed up of seeing them please just let me know. However I will keep this post short and sweet. On Saturday when I went into uni to do some lab work and complete an assessment. I wanted to go fairly casual but knowing me I can't be a plain jane so I put on this pink, blue and white multi coloured jumper I bought recently in Tesco. Seeing it close up you and see the dark blue matches this skirt perfectly- thats what gave me the idea to wear them together. It was roasting in Aberdeen at the weekend and I had to take my jumper off and just wear my vest top- I got LOADS of strange looks from people in jackets. 

When September comes I will have to find different things to wear to university everyday which will be a fun challenge. Tonight I'm off to see Scott after him getting back from a week in Tenerife last night. Eleven days without him isn't fun at all- I miss him.

Oh on a final note- I recently designed a few blog banner for Bethany's blog 'Written in Black & White' and she has given me a really lovely review (you can catch it here)- go and drop her a comment! :) 


  1. Never get bored of your outfits! Thanks for the mention xx Love Beth

  2. You can never go wrong with a skater skirt and jumper combo, i love the colour of this jumper! I was the same when i started uni, i know it shouldn't matter but i tried to wear something different each day if i could haha! xx

  3. Pink and blue go so well together, I love your outfit!
    xx -Emmanuelle

  4. You look very pretty, we all kinda have a uniform. Some do the blazer looks others girly dresses. So don't stress about enjoying this combo.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  5. Not too plain at all, I always like to see the outfits people actually wear on a day to day basis. This is so cute, I love the jumper. Perfect colour!


  6. This looks cute, practical, comfortable and very girly. Brilliant outfit.
    Little Blonde Life - Lifestyle Blog

  7. Love this jumper the colours are gorgeous! Can't go wrong with a jumper and skirt combo xx


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