My week in pictures #66

Monday, May 5

(From top left) My chosen outfit for going to uni to do lab work. Doing geology lab work and studying rocks. A smiley selfie after a successful day. Field trip to Portsoy on Sunday- the weather in the morning was beautiful. Parents took me to Pizza Express for a wee celebratory tea. Finally got round to watching the Avengers on Sunday night.
Well 90% of the activity this week took place on Saturday and Sunday. I've been dreading this practical weekend since we got the dates in February. I'm not the most social person and a whole weekend spent with people I don't know was freaking me out!! However I shouldn't have worried because I had a really good time. On Saturday we did lots of hard work in the lab and completed some drawings for our assessment. I was really glad to get back out into the sunshine when we were finished. I walked too and from the uni in Aberdeen on the Saturday and got the train but on the Sunday my parents drove me there. 

We had to meet at 8:45am... which meant a very early start for me!! We then took the hour plus bus trip to Portsoy. It gave us all the catch to other students. We were a really mixed bunch so it was interesting to find out why everyone was there. In Portsoy we saw loads of different types of rocks and I was able to learn a lot about identifying the different minerals in the field. At lunch time our tutor bought us all and ice cream at the little shop. It was such a lovely day and I don't know why I was so worried about it.

After we got back into Aberdeen the rain was pouring and my parents decided we would go to Pizza Express because I'd had such a productive weekend. We went for a little wander on Union street but as it was 5:30pm on a Sunday night most of the shops were shut. Tea was delicious and we got home about half eight hence why this post is so late.

The rest of my week was spent doing lots of university work and getting ready for the weekend. Hope everyone has had as good as a weekend as me!! 


  1. OMG that pizza looks fab! X

  2. I always found that geography field trips are the best way to meet and bond with fellow coursemates. Though our fieldclasses were always to nice exotic locations hehe. Think you definitely deserved the pizza at the end :)


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