New Listens: Dance á la Plage

Thursday, May 22

A couple of months ago a friend sent me the link to 'Dance á la Plage' telling me it was summer music, the type you would listen to on the beach which is ironic because 'plage' means beach in French (I don't think he actually knew that!) It is always great when friends know you so well they can pick out a band you will absolutely love- I took to Electric Concentric straight away because I just loved the lyrics and their ascents. I'm not joking when I say I've listened to it 100s of times.

"I kinda like a girl a little outrageous 

Who doesn't love them when they're that bodacious"

The four piece from Banbury, Oxford have cited inspiration from bands such as Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and Little Comets which are all great bands but I think they have an original sound all of their own. After forming in February 2011 they have released two EPs and the great single 'Flying High'. Most recently in April they released 'Hope' a track which I think had a different feel to it but still mashes with their style.

A lot of the bands I enjoy are indie pop so if you do too please give them a listen. I'm still practising these music posts so I'm going to leave it short and sweet. Please check out their website, have a listen on spotify. The band is also on twitter

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