My week in pictures #69

Sunday, May 25

(From top left) Another Wednesday and another night spent at my Boyfriends. Scott and I on Wednesdays sunny walk to the beach park. Made a yummy sponge to use up the mountains of chocolate icing I had left over. A delicious salad nicoise - a tea I will never get fed up of. My outfit of choice for the music festival (post to follow this week). This is MoFest!!
Wow! Firstly let me point out this is my 200th post!! Hard to believe my blog has gone this far... I didn't quite reach the 300 BL followers I was aiming for today but it doesn't matter because I'm proud of my blog.

The first week of what effectively is my summer holidays has been quite quiet. I've been nervously checking my emails to see if Aberdeen had confirmed my place yet (they haven't), thinking about uni accommodation and doing some housework to keep my parents off my back.

As is getting fairly typical for me on Wednesday I spend the evening with Scott. It was so beautiful and warm outside we went for a walk around the town and past the beach. It was lovely to be out in just a dress. We took the opportunity to take a cheeky selfie too which is our first photo together!? After that we made fajitas for tea and sat and watched TV. On Thursday morning he surprised me with the news he has bought us tickets for the commonwealth games to see the rugby!! I am so excited for July already.

At the weekend MoFest kicked off (my local music festival) so on Saturday I went up town to listen to some great local music with Scott and his friends. The whole day was a relaxed affair with lots of cider and vodka. That night I had tea at Scotts we lay under the duvet for a while before going out to meet everyone again (we were cold okay?). I paced myself and reached half twelve (at night) before I had to go home. 

Sunday has been relaxed too- feel like I've caught up on some sleep. Organised my bedroom and tidied things up and well as sorting out this post in good time for a change. Hope you all had as good a weekend as I did!! 


  1. The photo of you and Scott is so cute!


  2. Good luck with Aberdeen, I'm sure you'll get good news soon. I grew up in Aberdeenshire and while I never spent much time in the city I do miss the countryside lots! It's so pretty up there. :)

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  3. 200 posts is pretty epic! I'm slowly working my way towards it. haha. Sounds like you had a great week, the MoFest sounds pretty interesting! :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx


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