My week in pictures #73

Sunday, June 22

(From top left) I made a banana loaf for Scott and I's picnic. Beautiful walk long a gorge along from Edzell. Picked up a Henry Holland dress in the charity shop for only £3. Before going out with Scott on Saturday. Some cheeky purchases after shopping today in Dundee. My university place has been confirmed.  
By far the most exciting thing to happen this week was my university place being confirmed. I found out on Tuesday that I'd met my conditions after getting the results back. To say I was over the moon would be an understatement and when UCAS let me know my place has been confirmed on Friday I was really excited!

After finding out my results on Tuesday I went into Forfar to visit some family at lunch time. They were in the mood to celebrate so we had a cheeky bottle of wine between us. It is so nice when people are as happy and excited as you are. 

On Wednesday something very rare happened- I felt like doing some exercise. The sun was shinning down and I went into town on my bike. I also ran into my best friend by chance and got a huge hug for getting into uni. I bought some things in the shop to make dinner too.

Crazily we have had two power cuts this week. Tuesday was a lovely day so why it went off is a mystery to us. However on Wednesday there was a crazy thunderstorm and torrential rain for a few hours. The thunder and lightening was right above us- the dogs were terrified and to be honest so was I. Extremely received when it all finished and the power came on an hour after because it was my night to make tea. You can see what I made here.

Scott had been away on a course monday to friday so when he was home on Saturday we decided to go out for the day. To avoid the rain we choose somewhere that looked bright. Edzell has always been one of my favourite places because it is so quiet and pretty. Firstly we went for a walk beside the river at the blue door then had a picnic lunch in the park. after we had lazied around for a bit it was threatening rain so we jumped back in the car and drove up the cairn o mount and admired the somewhat misty views across Aberdeenshire and Angus.

Today mum and I nipped into Dundee because I needed to buy Scott something for his birthday. When I am determined to buy something for a gift (and because I have very limited money) I barely looked at anything for myself. I did get Scott something though and a blank cookbook for mum to fill with recipes for when I leave home. I hope she does it because I think it would be a really lovely thing to keep. I'm wishing I had more money to buy Scott some of the cute things that I thought of however I am happy with what I have at the moment. 

Still finding it difficult to believe I got into uni- hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine and had as good a weekend as me.

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  1. Congrats on getting into uni! So exciting! That shot of the Edzell scenery is beautiful. Must have been a great walk.

  2. Congrats on getting onto your course, I still remember that excitement even 9 years later!

  3. I always love reading your week in pictures posts (as well as your other posts of course)! I love knowing what people do on a day today basis, not just from the pictures people out on Instagram but from a little chat via a social media such as blogger. I might start doing posts like these soon.

  4. Congratulations on the school, how exciting! Ive been trying to get on my bike more too :)
    xo Hannah

  5. Congrats on the uni acceptance, you'll have an awesome time
    Two Hearts One Roof


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