Wednesday 'Wishes and Wants' (The Giraffe Print Edit)

Wednesday, June 25

1. ASOS Giraffe Stripe Co-ord- Blouse & Shorts. 2. New Look Black Giraffe Print Rucksack. 3. New Look White Burnout Giraffe Print T-Shirt. 4. H! by Henry Holland giraffes in sunglasses t-shirt. 5. New Look Giraffe Slim Leg Trouser (Hopefully these will still be available in store) 
I don't often post wish lists here on G is for Gingers but since all my money is officially gone and the list of giraffe print items I would like is as long as my arm I thought this would be a good opportunity. 

My favourite item is this ASOS co-ord! It has been in my saved items for ages now and recently has gone into the sale but I still don't have enough for it. I love the monochrome look and it looks sufficiently different from other co-ords available. It would be perfect for going on safari. 

New Look also have lots of giraffe print items in the same pattern. I'm just wondering if it would be excessive to own all of them? I think the backpack would be the most useful item as I won't have anything like it but the trousers have been on my wish list since April.

H! by Henry Holland also has several tees with cool giraffes on them. I really like this one because the animals look like a lot of fun.

I already have a giraffe print dress from primark which was one of their £5 skater dresses but I love it. If I can think of a way to style it that would be suitable for my blog it will defiantly feature here. I also have primark jammies which I love!

I hope you can see I'm a little obsessed with giraffes. If you've come across anymore giraffe themed clothing please leave the links below I would defiantly love to check them out. 


  1. The backpack is mega cute. Useful too x

  2. I have those giraffe print trousers from New Look! They're so comfy, although mine have washed a little weird and now the waistband keeps getting all twisted which is a bit annoying :/
    I love that ASOS co-ord and that backpack too!

  3. I really want those giraffe trousers now! They look so cute. The co-ord too. Wish I had the money.

  4. Great items you have selected - I love the giraffe print so much! xx

  5. Oooh I LOVE that co-ord!! Totally obsessed with them at the moment and I love the simple shape of this one xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  6. really lovely blog and post and love your colour popping blog design ...x x x

  7. That giraffe co-ord set is great! I have an orange playsuit with giraffes on and a couple of animal skirts which involve giraffes. Animals in general are my favourite prints! :) Xx


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