Botanic Gardens and Honey Bees

Tuesday, July 22

Dress: She Inside | Shoes: New Look | Ring: Accessorise | (I can't remember where the bracelet is from sorry)
I've had this dress since May and I've not worn it before now... that is bad! It is very bold though and I've struggled to find the right occasion to wear it. It is quite a bold, bright, yellow dress which isn't normally my style but I just loved the bees. As you might know my dad is a bee keeper so I feel like it is in my family. I'm not quite sure what scuba material is but this comes pretty close and keeps it shape well. Its only fault is how short it is... I barely get away with it. 

On Friday I went down to Edinburgh with my mum and dad- on the way we went to get my Grandma so we could take her out for lunch. We went to the restaurant at the John Hope gateway at the Edinburgh Botanic... It is our favourite place to go. The windows were open and the sun was shining. I did feel out of place in this summery dress. We then went for a wander in stockbridge and did some charity shop shopping. On our way home we went to one of my other places- IKEA!! Lots of homeware items for my student flat were purchased.

What do you think of this dress? Go and check out She Inside - they have LOADS of lovely things. 

Also a huge thank you to those I chatted to during #fbloggers chat on Thursday who encouraged me to wear the dress.


  1. This is such a beautiful dress - it really suits you!

    Jemma @ Jemma In Words

  2. Gorgeous dress! I'm in love with the print and colour xx

  3. Love this dress that print is too cute. Glad you took a chance could of missed out on a great outfit :D

  4. I think this dress looks great on you! It can be a bit scary to wear brights but definitely worth it :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. Such a super cute dress, love the bee print and it looks lovely on you too :) xx

  6. Oh my gosh Claire this dress is gorgeous!! The fit of it looks perfect on you, love it! So cool that your dad is a bee keeper too :) xx

  7. Hello lovely, I've just came across your blog and it's wonderful! I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post! :)

    Great pictures - Gorgeous dress, love the bee pattern!

    Please visit my blog if you can:


  8. I love this dress! I've been obsessed with the colour yellow recently and this is so cute and summery! Plus the bees just kind of make it :)

  9. Hi, new reader here, and I love it! It's a beautiful space you've created here, and I love the dress, you rock it beautifully, my littles would think I was the coolest if I wore it!

  10. Such a gorgeous dress. I don't think I could pull off yellow but this looks so great on you and is such a great fit. Your hair is stunning x

  11. Such a lovely dress, at first glance it looked like a floral dress though ahhah


  12. I've never bought anything from She Inside before, i'll have to have a look at their website! Lovely dress

    Love Emma xx

  13. Omg wow that dress is so pretty! I love the colour and the print :D
    It really suits you too :D


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