My week in pictures #77

Monday, July 21

(From top left) 3 days unwashed- a pre shower selfie (check my minging skin). A tasty curry tea after a tough weekend. We went to collect a swarm of bees that were at our local NTS property. Lunch with a view at our favourite restaurant at the Edinburgh botanic gardens. A tasty chicken caesar salad at the afore mentioned restaurant. Huge kitchenware haul for my student flat in september.  
Very rarely can I look back on my calendar for the previous week and there is something written on every day. Monday was a lazy day really after I got back from T in the Park at about lunch time all I wanted to do was shower, lie in bed and catch up with social media and blogging. The weekend away from the internet was a refreshing break though. 

On Tuesday dad was keen to take me to TK Maxx because he had been a breakfast set for my flat (that mum didn't let him buy) and wanted to know what I thought. I bought the cute bowl, plate and egg cup which officially started my collect of stuff. 

Wednesday was Scott and Is night in- again we did what we've done for the past 100 weeks... Such a boring couple. There was a thunderstorm when I left the house and ended up waiting for hours at the train station for him. We also planned to have nachos for tea and it took was about half an hour to realise with forgot nachos and had to go back to the supermarket. 

Thursdays wee activity was going to collect a swarm of honey bees from our local national trust property. They were in a tree right outside the shop but we took them away in a cardboard box and put them into a hive at our house. It was pretty interesting actually.

The end of the week arrived so quickly and we went down to pick my Grandma up before going to a garden centre she likes then out for lunch at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. As always it was delicious and the sun was shining so the doors were open. I love sitting at the window because of the beautiful view over the garden. We looked round charity shops in Stockbridge in the afternoon before going to Ikea to get some more things for uni. My haul was completed on Saturday when dad and I went back to TK Maxx to get the plates we liked before. I really love having stuff that is mine!

Scott came round again on Sunday and we spent most of the afternoon chatting and making plans for going to the commonwealth games. We also took the dogs for a walk because it was so hot and we had to get out of the house. I love that my parents like him too and welcome him into the house. It is maybe because he is such a great person.

Hope everyone had as good a week as me! 


  1. Sounds lovely hun it's always nice to get out and do things that aren't too expensive/free xxx

  2. Oh I remember the fun of collecting up all my stuff for moving into student life - all the plates and bedding, fun times!


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