My week in pictures #76

Monday, July 14

(From top left) My outfit for a sunny date night with Scott on Wednesday. My cousin gave me an old phone for taking to T... it didn't even have a colour screen (pretty different from my windows phone). All my stuff mostly packed very very late on Thursday night for taking camping. Saw my all time favourite band YOUMEATSIX and it was amazing. A beautiful bright moon over Balado as we watching Ed Sheeran. Very happy with my lovely boyfriend.
Finally made it to my week in pictures post... and what a week it has been. I'm going to do my best to summarise it for you. My week started slowly with little projects round the house, blogging activities and taking the dogs for a walk. The baby pigeons nesting at our back door were coming out of their nest and amusing us. I even managed to get a snap of one of them which you can see here.

Once again Wednesday was spent at Scotts. It was a really beautiful sunny night and we made a stir fry for dinner and made plans for going to T in the Park on Friday. We also caught up with Hells Kitchen which he is very very kindly waiting to watch with me even though I know how much he loves it. 

Thursday was a bit of a rush... My mum didn't finish work til 6:30pm so we had to dash to my aunt and uncles to get the phone I was taking to T. We then had to go to the supermarket to get the other things I needed. I'm really not very good at picking things quickly and it was VERY stressful... My bag was finally back at about 1am on the Friday which was useless as I was to be up in about 5/6 hours. 

T in the Park was just as amazing as it was last year. I'm not wanting to say much because I have posts planned for this week but I saw some amazing acts like YOUMEATSIX, Ed Sheeran, Paolo Nutini, Calvin Harris and the Arctic monkeys. We both got very badly sun burnt and soaked to the skin. Honestly everyone has such an amazing time at festivals. Have a look at my festival dos and don'ts if you are heading off this year here.

Due to my appalling sunburn (think swollen face) I didn't get any outfit pictures there however I'm planning on taking some this week if you would still be interested. Please let me know below!! 

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  1. I'm glad you had an amazing time at T - even with sunburn! I'm looking forward to reading your posts about the weekend.


  2. Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to read about your weekend in more detail.


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