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Wednesday, July 16

My T in the Park 2014 began very early at 7 in the morning when my boyfriends dad stopped in to pick me up on their way to Balado. This year I was going with Scott (my boyfriend) and his friend Jack. If you've read last years post you will understand how surprised I felt when the walk to the campsite was very very very easy. The tents were pitched, the beers opened and the countdown to 3:30pm could begin. I was going to see my favourite band that day after all.

The clouds were out in force as we drove to Kinross and didn't disappear until later on in the morning but when they did... boy it was hot! The three of us were very badly sun burnt because no suncream was put on until after 4pm. After the early start and being super heated by the sun we were more than happy to bail early and get to bed before midnight. 

However on to the bands- you can see above all the acts I saw above but I've just picked out my favourite/the ones I have good pictures for. 

Photo: giloscope
 I've been a huge fan of YOU ME AT SIX since 2008 so it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it was a dream come true to see them live. They played a good mix of their new album and some classic  tunes from their earlier albums. I've never felt so sick with excitement when I saw Josh standing at the side of the stage. The next time they are touring in Britain I'm defiantly getting tickets to see them with people that equally love them... I could tell Scott wasn't that much of a fan. He was also beginning to really feel the effects of the sun which made me worry about him. When I get some free time I'm defiantly going to watch their set again.

Ed Sheeran was someone we all felt a little unsure about seeing... one guy with this guitar. How could that be entertaining? I'm very used to his music but I listen to it on my iPod or sing along in private  However Ed was born to entertain and we had an amazing time! We sang along the whole time and he encouraged us to interact- singing in harmony anyone? Not to mention I was seriously impressed with the graphics on his staging. You can see it in the picture but it was constantly changing. If you've not seen it already go and look at his set on iplayer.

After seeing Twin Atlantic last year I was so excited to see them back on the main stage- luckily Jack was a fan too so no one needed to be persuaded to go along too. I knew their music a lot better this year too after listening to their new album a lot so I had an even better time signing along. The only bad thing is I just missed 'Free' because I was in the toilet queue (dam body) but I heard the end so I guess I can't complain t0o much.

At the beginning of the day there is always a few bands you aren't to fussed about so you are drifting around to see who looks good. Sophie Ellis-Bextor was on the radio 1 stage so after seeing her on strictly last year I was interested to see what she was like. We enjoyed the first half sitting on the grass while she played music from her new album which I enjoyed but didn't know. The second half though was her classic dance music- we loved 'If This Ain't Love' and 'Murder on the Dance Floor'. 

John Newman was someone I went along to see to keep Scott happy. I only thought I knew 'Love me Again' but it turns out I knew a lot more of his songs not to mention he is some talented! He gave so much to this performance and it was obvious he was loving every second. His stage presence is huge and he never stopped moving. It is always great fun to be in the middle of a crowd that is jumping with excitement.

After another act we headed back to the radio 1 stage to see Clean Bandit. Even though I only knew 'Rather Be' and 'Extraordinary' these were luckily some of the songs they played at the end of their set. I loved the way they staged the performance with all the members of the band and the instruments. I really enjoyed it and feel like I should maybe listen to them more often. 

Another act I was quite excited to see was Pharrell Williams. The man has so much sass I can't believe he is 42!! Few people would come of stage to 1,000s of people in a grey hoodie and uggs but he rocked it. Sang all his classics too like 'Happy', 'Get Lucky' and 'Blurred Lines' which made the crowd very happy. The only downside was the rain has made me very cold and I was thinking about my jumper in the tent most of the set. He did pull on a friend of his who found out she had beaten cancer to dedicate 'Happy' to her and she was in tear so it was a lovely emotional end to the act. 

Paolo Nutini was incredible! He is more of a stand up and sign kind of guy than being all about audience participation but with a voice like that I don't think anyone was complaining. I'm not sure I really enjoyed his Glastonbury set however being there to hear him live made it 100 times better at T. At the end when all his band went off he came back with his guitar and sang 'Last Request' in fact at time he just didn't bother singing just played. Singing along to his guitar will be one of my highlights from the weekend and made me feel emotional (again I know...). I don't think he wanted to leave the stage- he just lay down and bowed to us.

Oh Calvin (fucking) Harris! What a man... There was a moment when he first walked on and everyone did a double take when they realised it wasn't Calvin then went mad when we all saw Will Smith!! You know you're famous when you just invite the Fresh Prince along for a laugh. He was just as good as I remember him being last year (although we were further back so we weren't being crushed and beaten). He made me not mind I was soaked to the skin when the heavens opened and it poured through most of his set.

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers opened the main stage on Saturday and I was keen to see them after having already seen them at the Dundee food and flower show in 2012. Scott was also pretty excited- he loves anything Scottish. They are born entertainers and I could have watched another hour of their act. I don't know if you have already hear their cover of avicii 'Wake Me Up' but it is amazing and had the crowd jumping. 

When T in the Park announced the Arctic Monkeys were headlining back in November next year I was sold and bought my ticket the next day. Unfortunately Scott isn't a fan and I wasn't sure I was going to get to see them until the Sunday afternoon when he agreed that it would be a shame to miss them. They played lots from their new album- including 'No. 1 Party Anthem' which is my favourite. The acoustic version of 'A Certain Romance' which was spine tingling. I think overall I preferred The Killers closing set at TITP 2013 but I wouldn't have wanted to miss being in the same space as Alex Turner for anything. I'm not sure Scott had as good a time as I did but I am unbelievably grateful he stuck around for me.

I'm really not sure this short post does my 3 days at Scotland's biggest festival justice. The more I look back on it and think the more I realise just what an amazing weekend I had. One of the best things about T in the Park is how much the acts seem to love the place and the Scottish audience. Obviously I've never been to a gig outside Scotland but there really does seem to be a special atmosphere here. 

Bye Bye Balado <3 We hope you enjoyed your send off!!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the post! I'm so incredibly jealous of those amazing acts you had the opportunity to see! Arctic Monkeys were in Ireland at the weekend, wish I'd see them. Glad you had an amazing time :D x

  2. I've seen You Me At Six 5 times! I was a massive fan back in their Take Off Your Colour era,
    love victoriajanex

  3. Lovely post! YM@6 are one of my favourites, hold a special place in my heart! I've actually see them a lot and met them and their the most lovely guys ever! If you get the chance to see them again- take it :)xx

    krstydiane.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. Aw I'd have loved to have seen YMAS again - I think I've seen them two or three times now, none of my friends are fans anymore though :/ I really want to see Twin Atlantic live! I really want them to come back to Glasgow but the next date they do is in Edinburgh :/ hmmm

  5. Oh my gosh this looks incredible I am uber jealous!!!! xxx

  6. Looks like you had an amazing time! I had completely forgotten about You Me At Six - I bet they were awesome live! :)

    Style Sunrise


  7. You have a lovely Way of writing! Lovely post!

  8. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I would KILL to see Calvin Harris absolutely love his music! xx


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