T in the Park 2014 - Practical Festival Fashion

Saturday, July 19

I love festival style fashion but I've read 100s of blog posts and thought "I would NEVER wear that to T in the Park". Even if there is no rain/mud you will still be sitting around on the grass a lot so these gorgeous white playsuits would never last. 

I went this year will the full intention of getting my boyfriend to take outfit pictures on location every day and then I got really bad sunburn on my face (think swollen forehead and bubbly skin) and while I've never pretended I'm perfect on my blog thats not the way I want to remember the weekend or have it on the internet for everyone to see. It finally calmed down however and I took some pictures in the garden. 

Shirt: Amazon | Shorts: Peacocks | Boots: JuJu Jellies

Ever since YOU ME AT SIX were announced to play the main stage on the friday I knew I wanted to wear one of their shirts. Just so everyone knew I was a fan and all- I wasn't the only one either. This shirt is from their new album and I bought it from amazon because they didn't have it on their store. I teamed it with my favourite peacocks denim shorts. I think this is what festivals should be- simple, comfy fashion.

Secondly I think these JuJu boots deserve a paragraph all to themselves. These were a birthday gift from my mum all the way back in March with the specific idea of wearing them to T. They are however very roomy and I was worried they would rub but they were unbelievably comfy all weekend and my feet were the only part of me that was still dry. These boots are going to be worn a lot in winter rain because they are so easy to walk in. Another thing I love is their clear, sparkly plastic because you can change their colour/pattern so easily. Hopefully you can tell how smitten I am with these so if you are looking for wellies go and buy these ones!

Dress: Primark | Jumper: Primark | Trainers: New Look

This giraffe print skater dress is from their current range of £5 dresses- normally I avoid something this cheap but when I saw the print I felt like I had to buy it.  I thought the dark colour would be perfect for T in the Park not to mention the light material is comfy and good to pack. I took this loose blue jumper too just incase the weather wasn't good and when we woke up to rain on Saturday I knew it would be perfect. Later on my rain poncho had to go on too but the rain was so heavy it didn't keep me dry. 

Dress: Primark | Headband: T in the Park 2013 | Boots: JuJu Jellies | Sunglasses: Primark 

These are my favourite photos and probably my favourite outfit too. Nothing says summer to me like an Aztec print and this dress is perfect for a festival with its cut-out detail. My now greasy hair was pulled back into a floral headband to keep it out of my face. The pink socks I wore instantly make my boots match the outfit too which I think looks cool. Sun glasses were needed all weekend so I took my cheap primark wayfarers- although I would love a Ray Ban pair now! In these photos I tried to include the basic shoulder bag I took but I've only just realised you can't see it. Oops- bad blogger here. 

There is nothing like being in the bubble of a festival- I've never encountered anyone who isn't friendly. There is also nothing like listening to your neighbours stupid/drunken conversations early in the morning while your still half asleep- midget stripers at your hen party anyone? The boys next to us chatting up the girls with their awful Glaswegian banter was very amassing but they were loving it. A fellow ginger who was really concerned about my sunburn and those people who admit they have no idea who the band your all about to watch is. It is impossible not to go to a festival and come away with loads of amazing memories. 

I would also recommend you go camping as well- it is a huge part of the experience even though you think you'll hate it. I can't imagine just going for the day and going home again... you would also miss out on all that drinking early in the morning. I honestly wouldn't of had the energy to keep going if it wasn't for alcohol. 

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read my last T in the Park post and all the lovely comments- they honestly make my day. 


  1. I love your dress from Primark, it's so summery!

    Jemma @ Jemma In Words

  2. Love all these outfits! Casual but still really fashionable and perfect for concerts.

  3. All your outfits are lovely! So wish I could've gone!x


  4. LOVE the third look,cant believe the dress is primark really suits you :) Thos boots are amazing too, i have some juju jelly sandals and they are amazing,so easy to clean off too! xx

  5. This dress!<3 I adore the colours of this hun. So pretty! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion


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