My week in pictures #78

Sunday, July 27

(From top left) Lots of new clothes arrived in the post for me this week - they will be featuring on the blog soon. I set up a group Facebook for my new flatmates. I made a delicious desert but sadly it didn't sit. Scotland flags out in force at ibrox for the Rugby 7s. Me beside one of the 22 Clyde statues around Glasgow. A delicious pizza for dinner tonight at pizza express. 
Well the most exciting thing that happened this week was finding out my flat number in student halls and subsequently finding my flatmates on Facebook. They all seem lovely and I can't wait to meet them in September - still not sure how I feel about living with people I don't really know. Another exciting thing I found out is my flatmate Eilidh also has a blog!! You can check it out here.

I've also been suffering from a summer cold this week. Last Sunday when Scott came round for tea he was suffering so it was inevitable I would get it too. It has been pretty difficult but on Wednesday on our night in we got a chippy and he took care of me. Instead of more 'Hells Kitchen' we watched the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. It got us totally psyched for going on Sunday to see the rugby 7s.

I did little things this week too like visit my aunt and uncle for lunch on an unbelievably hot day (before my cold developed). I did some baking for our trip to Glasgow (we left before 7am) and picked black currents for mum making jam. 

The rugby today was amazing - even in the rain Glasgow was buzzing and we saw Scotland play (and lose against south Africa but they went on to win so we can't feel that bad). I don't want to say to much just now because I have a post planned for next week. Scott spoils me though and we had the best day out. 

It is getting late and I'm going to leave it here. Hope you had a good weekend too. I really appreciate all the new followers I've gained this week and helped me to get toward 300.

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