My Primark Jumpsuit and the Commonwealth Games Rugby 7s

Tuesday, July 29

Getting up at 6am isn't easy for me but on Sunday it was well worth it. Scott surprised me with tickets for the rugby 7s at the commonwealth games a few months back and I've been excited ever since. This was my third 7s tournament and I was really happy to see the commonwealth games hasn't changed the feeling of the day. 

It took us almost 4 hours to reach our seats at Ibrox stadium - luckily we got on the train where it started so we got seats before it got packed out towards Glasgow. The subway outside queen street station was crowded so we hopped to the bus station and were super impressed with the fact we got on a bus straight away. The wait outside the stadium wasn't to long before we got our bags searched and then got to our (amazing) seats.

Jumpsuit: Primark | Shoes: New Look | Gilet: Primark 

I've been waiting to wear this jumpsuit for weeks so was determined to wear it whatever the weather. The skies were grey all day and it rained on and off which was a shame because I was really feeling the summer vibes in this outfit. I thought the blue colour would be good to support Scotland too. As well as lots of flag waving too of course. 

After wearing it all day I've really fallen in love with this outfit. It is so soft, light, summery and comfortable. I'm going to wear it at every available opportunity while this heat lasts. I would love any suggestions to make it work for cooler days too - leave me a comment.

The atmosphere was amazing in Ibrox with everyone getting behind the home nations- I was enormously excited to see Scotland play. Against South Africa I knew we didn't have a lot of hope however it was explosive none the less. The knock out matches were close which make for a lot of tension and excitement. Luckily for us England got knocked out too so there is that to console us (not to mention they beat us later that day). I'm perfecting willing to support great british athletes in other sports but there is something deep inside me that can't support the England rugby team. 

When leaving the stadium there was some problem with the buses (typical stagecoach when they have impressed me earlier in the day...) but it didn't cause us any problems because we just walked back to the centre. The rain held off luckily and we found somewhere to eat. We had a bit of a wait in pizza express but the atmosphere was chilled and we were quite happy to have a seat. I managed to dragged my boyfriend round all 3 floors of Forever 21 - it was the first time I'd got the chance to visit it and I was really impressed. We had a lovely train journey home in the sunshine when we left Glasgow. I had an amazing day and I'm so thankful to Scott for giving me the opportunity to go to the commonwealth games - a truly historic event. 


  1. I love your jumpsuit! It looks lovely on you, I'm always wary that they might not suit me but I think I'll have a look and maybe take the plunge! The rugby was amazing to watch on TV so I can't imagine how great it must have been to be there - I'm very jealous! haha x

  2. Sounds like a lovely day, I don't really know the rules of Rugby that well but I enjoy watching it a lot more than football, must have been amazing seeing there. That jumpsuit looks great on you, I really want to rock one but haven't got the confidence yet, love the colour as well.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  3. The jumpsuit looks great - I love it paired with the denim vest! Rugby sounds like it would be really fun to see at the games and it definitely sounds like you had a lovely day.

    Even I have to brace myself to take on all three floors of that Forever 21. It seems so much smaller from the outside!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  4. Amazing! My friend saw this jumpsuit while we were at lunch in Birmingham city centre today and said she wished she knew were to get one. A trip to Primark for us tomorrow. Great posts as always.

  5. Love that jumpsuit, definitely going to try and scour it out in the hope it's still there! Glad you had fun at the sevens xxx


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