A Casual Pale Peach Knitwear and Floral Look

Friday, August 15

Top: M&S | Skirt: New Look | Jumper: Britfash* | Shoes: Matalan 
Funnily enough I got this jumper and skirt around the same time (way) back in March. I knew the knitwear would perfectly compliment the colours in the skirt but it has taken me 4 months to wear them together. I feel like now that the slightly cooler weather has rolled round again I'm back to my comfort zone wearing floral prints and knitwear. I'm still hoping for a few more warm days before autumn is here but a jumper is defiantly needed now. 

This outfit was only for going round to my boyfriends - we stayed in, watched TV and made pizza. Maybe a little fancy for just a night in but life is to short (and I have to many clothes) to wear boring clothes. 

Hope everyone has exciting plans for the weekend or will have a good time just chilling. I'm away to change out of my joggers for family coming round for dinner. 


  1. love the jumper and skirt. you look lovely as always xx


  2. Lovely little outfit! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. This outfit is so lovely, you look so pretty :D I agree life is too short to not make an effort even for a cosy night in :D hope you enjoyed it and the pizza :D


  4. Lovely outfit :) Especially love the peach sweater! Have a great weekend!

    By the way, I've nominated you for the Beautiful Blog Award over on my blog! x


  5. Chanced upon your blog and am enjoying myself reading your posts! Lovely outfit and you look so sweet! xx

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