Melting Moments with a Passionfruit Filling

Wednesday, August 13

At the moment it feels like 90% of the blogging community is chatting about the return of the great british bake off and after being addicted last year I couldn't wait for it to return. A few weeks go I heard about #thegreatbloggerbakeoff - great idea huh? You can imagine my excitement when I discovered that this weeks theme (biscuits) tied in with something I was planning to bake anyway. I'm not going to put a baking post up every week for the whole series though - just when I feel inspired.

Without any further ado we will get on with the recipe. For the biscuits you will need:

250g of butter (softened)
60 of icing sugar
225g of plain flour
80g of cornflour

Firstly (as ever) cream together the butter and sugar until smooth and creamy. You should then sift the flour into the creamed mixture and beat until well combined. Adding all that flour took a little work but eventually the dough was good and smooth.

You should then roll up the dough into teaspoon sized balls - trying to keep them all equal and placing them onto a baking tray. The dough should still be very soft so if it is sticking and difficult to handle hopefully coating your hands with flour should help. I then went and flattened all the dough balls with the back of a fork.

After pre-heating the oven at 170°C I baked them in the oven for about 15 minutes until they were lightly goldened. Once baked place them on a wire rack to cool completely. 

For the passionfruit buttercream you will need:

60g of butter (softened)
125g of icing sugar
1 table spoon of passionfruit pulp

Firstly beat the butter until very soft and creamy - I used electric beaters otherwise it would of been a tough job. I then gradually added the sugar continuing to beat until smooth. Add the passionfruit and again beat until well combined.

I always remember my aunty stores the biscuits and cream filling separately and then just makes them up when she is going to serve them. I can see why she does this because they were a little messy to get into the box but for the want of blog pictures I made all mine up straight away.

So there you go - my first bake for the #thegreatbloggerbakeoff. Check out the hashtag on twitter to see what everyone else has been baking. Sadly Wednesday is Scott and Is date night so I won't be watching the bake off tonight but will catch up with iplayer later this week. No spoilers please!

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  1. Oh I LOVE these! My aunt used to make them for lazy home afternoons. They're like pure sunshine in your mouth!! :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. These look delicious!! I can't wait to make some!

  3. Ohmygosh these look amazing Claire! I LOVE passion fruit!

  4. Ah Claire you're making me hungry! I've actually never baked anything with passionfruit before so this'll have to go on my ever-growing list! x

  5. They look fab!

    Recipe saved into my recipe photos. I'll get onto Pinterest ASAP too!


  6. These look too good-bookmarked! Friends birthday next week-will definitely be giving these a go :o)
    L xo

  7. These look incredible! I love the idea of passionfruit buttercream - a lot of the time I think buttercream icing is too sweet so the sharp passionfruit would be the best compliment.

    I need to go stalk your baking board now!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  8. These are such a good idea, I am very tempted to give these a go :)
    I am now following you on bloglovin!


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