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Saturday, August 30

I’ve been a regular reader of Katy’s blog since May – it is always exciting when someone whos blog you enjoy wants to advertise with you. Her lifestyle posts are always written in her own quirky style, which I find really engaging. She always seems like the type of person you could be friends with really easily or maybe it is just all the fun things she does in her home city of London. Anyone who goes to feed giraffes, goes out for delicious looking meals and wears pretty dresses is my kind of person. Her blog is well worth the read (take it from me).

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‘The Life of Dee’ is another lifestyle blog I’ve been following for sometime. Denise’s blog has just turned one this month and has been growing since its early days when I hit the follow button. She writes her blog from her home in North East Scotland, which is very local to me too - It is a lovely mix of topics on her home, baking and more personal lifestyle posts too. If you are a fan of homeware, Yankee Candles or baking why not have a look at her links below too.

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'Shuttersong' is a great app for your iPhone that allows you to record up to 15 seconds of music to add to your pictures. This would be perfect for remembering occasions when the sound is just as important as the pictures such as at music gigs (where I would use it most) and taking photos of your children as they grow up. Another excellent things about the app is your friends don’t need the app to view your shutter songs- you can share them on facebook or your own shuttersong stream. Another thing for us bloggers is you can also add them to your blog post. They have also released a version for Windows Phone 8 which means more of you can try it out.

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‘The Money Shed’ have been advertising on my sidebar since February of this year and if you’ve not already had a look they are a forum on various money making and saving tips such as Affiliate blogging, Blogging, Online surveys, Search Engine Assessors and YouTube. Their community always seems really friendly and helpful. Their membership has grown rapidly from their start point to over 500. The Money Shed was created to offer members a free and safe place to discuss their ideas and promote their referral links. So if you fancy making some extra money for blogging or pocket money without leaving your house why not sign up.
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I still have a few ad spaces left for September/October so please get in touch- if you want more information have a look at the tab along the top or if you email me at and I will send you my full information pack!  

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