My week in pictures #83

Sunday, August 31

(From top left) Enjoyed my first chiquitos on Monday including these delicious churros. We also went to see Lucy at the cinema which was fab - you can read more about my day here. My aunty treated me to a polish from nail inc. feather range, this one is called Edinburgh. A wee primark haul including this bargain tea dress for £3 (I've had my eye on it for ages). Finished reading the maze runner - so so addictive and really good. Yesterday we visited the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow.
This has been another busy week right from the start. Scott took a week off work so we decided to make the most of Monday by going out for the day at Cadonas, Aberdeen. We shopped, had a great lunch at chiquitos, played mini golf and went to see Lucy at the cinema. I won't bore you with the details again because I wrote about it all in Tuesdays post

Due to my time running out living at home I took Tuesday as an opportunity to go and visit my aunt and uncle in Perth (and because I was so unwell last week and couldn't go). On the day I arrived we spent a few hours in the centre before going back to their house. The next day we went shopping in Stirling which meant I could tick even more homeware off my uni list - including a delicious smelling candle. My aunty and I love to go shopping its just a shame I didn't have more money. I got the train back on Wednesday evening and luckily made it home just in time for 'The Great British Bake Off' and this week scandal...

Thursday night was spent at Scotts - we were able to make fajitas with the most delicious crispy breadcrumbs and angel delight too. We watched more hells kitchen, finally they've got their black jackets), we are a little behind. We also watch 21 jump street. Late to the party again but it was much funnier than I thought it would be. 

Mum and dad have a friend staying at the moment (he comes every year at about the same time) so we decided kind of last minute to go down to visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow. You can spend hours wandering round and we had a really good afternoon. 

The rest of the weekend will be spent lazying around in front of the fire. I'm writing this while I'm waiting on Scott arriving so he will say for dinner too. Next week will be really busy again because we are off to visit the kelpies tomorrow and it is my last 5 days (what!?) saying at home because next Saturday I'm moving into student halls in Aberdeen.  

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