My H! by Henry Holland Tea Dress and New Fedora

Thursday, August 21

Dress: H! BY HENRY HOLLAND | Shoes: F&F | Scarf: Spanish Market | Hat: Primark
Sadly I've never been one of these people who are always showing off bargain pieces from the charity shop but way back in June I spotted this dress from the H! by Henry Holland collection for only £3. I'm always admiring the items in Debanhams but never actually bought something so to snap this up for so little I was super pleased. It has a lovely quaily feel and you know how much I love a good tea dress. Defiantly will be buying some more from the brand. We also know how gorgeous Henry Holland is right!? Not that it has anything to do with this... 

The fedora was a recent purchase and despite the blogger cliche I knew it has to be mine. Walking around the shops a few weekends ago trying them on in topshop and river island telling my boyfriend I wasn't quite ready to part with £20 we walked into primark and their it was for £7. I think it also makes this plain outfit something a bit more special. I'm afraid I'm going to turn into one of these girls who now wears their fedora every where - well if Liv Purvis can then I can too ;) 

On Monday morning I got up with such good intensions, had a quick shower, put my clothes in the washing and ironed my dress all ready to go and stay with my aunty for a few days. It was only after I'd done all this that I realised that I really wasn't capable of going anywhere. The pain in my tummy was so bad that only lying very still would make it go away. Cue two days in bed (and no blogging). I've had no other symptoms though and the doctor is mystified so I'm getting blood tests tomorrow. It still hurts if I press my tummy but apart from that I appear to be on the mend. So basically this outfit wasn't worn anywhere (apart from maybe to my boyfriends tonight) but it is what I was planning to wear on Monday for some shopping. 

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  1. Glad you found it for cheaper! You look lovely. Love the play suit nice touch with the scarf

  2. I really do like Henry Holland, even better that you got it in a charity shop,amazing find! Love the hat too, i cannot bear to part with about £20 for a hat, i usually use ebay or primark for hats! Hope you are on the mend now :) xxx

  3. Looove everything about this outfit! For one, I love how cheap the fedora and this stunning, stunning dress are (which are really a bargain. Great job)! I love the pop of color that the scarf brings. I really love this whole outfit!



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