My week in pictures #82

Sunday, August 24

(From top left) Finished 'Bad Blood which was a pretty good police drama if you like that kinda thing with a good complicated plot that kept you guessing. Made some mini birthday cakes for my brothers birthday and used up the passionfruit cream from my melting moments recipe. Finally got round to taking a photo for my new student ID - what do you think? I was super brave on friday getting blood taken. Glen Clova on Saturday afternoon for a picnic. Out at the pubs on Saturday night with Scott.
This has been one of the post unproductive weeks in a long time. Monday was supposed to be busy as I got ready to visit my aunty but unfortunately I felt way to awful to get the train. The pain on in my stomach was so bad the only thing I could do was lie really still in bed. After two days in bed mum dragged me to the doctors - I was starting to feel better though. None of my symptoms pointed to one thing so I was back on Friday getting blood samples taken. The nurse was I really kind and helped me deal with my nerves - she could tell  was terrified. Hopefully there is nothing seriously wrong with me. 

On Thursday evening I dragged myself out because I was missing my boyfriend. Even though I started to feel worse he was so good and taking care of me. We watched three episodes of 'Hells Kitchen' and two of 'Friday Night Dinner' - not productive but still lovely. 

Saturday marked the annual heather picnic for my dads bee keeping club and because I was feeling better we all went up the Glen. Mum and I went for a short walk before lots of cake!! Typically we had lots and sun and heat to hail stones... Got to love Scotland. 

I just made it back and got changed before Scott came to get me to go out. It is my last free Saturday night at home so we wanted to go to the pubs. After a chippy tea we headed out to meet some of his mates. Just a nice simple night out. I wasn't to drunk and got the bus home before midnight.

Today has been unproductive again but I'm feeling a million times better. I have a very busy week planned so fingers crossed my body holds out! Hope everyone had a good week too.

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