Visiting The Falkirk Wheel and The Kelpies

Tuesday, September 2

Have you noticed that I love a day trip? Exploring somewhere close to you is always fun. My Grandparents live in Falkirk so I've been to the wheel before when I was a kid was was excited to go back again when I will remember it. Like a child being on the worlds only boat lift was exciting and we learnt loads from the audio tour. 

I love canals too - is that weird? I just think they are really calm places. Perfect for a bike ride (or a boat if you have one).

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: New Look | Boots: New Look | Jacket: Eylex & fashion

I'm sure everyone and their aunt has seen pictures of the kelpies by now but I was really excited to stand at the bottom of them. We've seen them a few times from the road while driving to my grans and I was shocked at how huge they were. I think I'd seen the models and thought the real ones were that size too...  They are seriously impressive and if you get the chance do go and have a walk around. Next time I want to go on the boat trip round them too. I like to the think the last picture is the view you would get when riding one and as I love horses this would be pretty cool. 

To keep things simple I chose to wear my new (ish) forever 21 crop top and a skater skirt. This is my favourite sort of dressed up casual and both my mum and boyfriend like the top too. Still braving the skin coloured tights I paired them with my battered tan boots. Would love to know what you think of this outfit or if you've visited these places too?

On Thursday I'm planning a lifestyle update (because its almost been a year since my last one here) so if you have any questions please leave them below or tweet me @gisforgingers 


  1. Such lovely photos! I love your top!

    Emma x

  2. i love your outfit! it's so pretty especially the boots


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