My week in pictures #92

Sunday, November 2

(from top left) My new Naj Oleari bag from TK Maxx for uni - would you like to see a 'Whats in my University' bag post? A trip to the Maritime museum in Aberdeen on Wednesday and this pretty cool (and huge) scale model of an oil rig. Working our way through james bond films so we watched 'The Spy Who Loved Me' on Wednesday night. My little 'dead' riding hood costume for halloween. A new ASOS magazine for bedtime fashion inspiration. Missed his boys ears on a walk this chilly Sunday afternoon. 
After not having such a good weekend last week this week has been really good. On Monday I treated myself to a new bag for uni which is big enough to hold my laptop and notebooks. It has made much easier. On Wednesday I went to the Maritime museum with the same class as I visited the Ythan Estuary with. Personally I found it REALLY interesting - both the older parts about the ships built in Aberdeen and their models to the newer sections with the oil rigs. One of the videos about training to go on helicopters has put me right off them. Being in a deep swimming pool shut into what is just a metal barrel would make me have panic attack easy. 

After he finished work on Wednesday Scott came round for a chilled night at mine. We made fajitas for tea and watched a james bond film. It was nice to just be able to relax with him there too. We are finally learning to sleep together in a single bed too which is helpful. Seeing him cheered me up more than words can say.

Finally after what was a somewhat stressful week getting the elements of my costume together it was halloween. It is a day I always enjoy - the dressing up and makeup is my favourite part. It was a lot of fun - all my make up was done by me with poundland makeup kits so I was happy. All my friends looked really good too and I even managed to stay out until 3pm before staggering home to my super noodles. 

Despite the late night on Friday I dragged myself out of bed at 10am and got LOADS done before going into town to get the train home with Scott. If I'm going away for a few night I like to leave my room tidy and all my dishes put away. I did fail at scrubbing all the fake blood from my body though. After spending the afternoon at Scotts having lunch, setting up his xbox and playing with the 3D glasses for his TV I headed home in time for the halloween special of strictly. 

Sunday has been chilled with a few week tasks completed including making use of the printer and washing machine. If you want to keep up to date with what I'm doing then give me a follow on Instagram (I normally follow back too).


  1. love that bag!

    Hannah xx
    Raspberry Kitsch | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Single bed sleeping is the pits! As the small one I always ended up in the crack between the wall and mattress :( Love your new bag :) x

  3. that bag is so cute, i love having a rumble through txmaxx you always find some cute little gems like this!
    jennifers journal ♥


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