My week in pictures #93

Sunday, November 9

(From top left) The fireworks in Aberdeen with Scott on Wednesday night. Finally my last physics paratactical... ever!! Happy smiles on my way to see Scott on Friday. Made lasagne for tea at Scotts house. Booked my first holiday abroad since I was 7!? Watched Scotland beat Argentina infant of Scotts huge TV.
It has been another long week and not one free of stresses and strains. I've been on the phone to the bank quite a few times about an on going problem they can't seem to understand. I also found out that I need to get an interview before I get my passport but I can't get it done near here and due to my busy uni timetable it doesn't look like it will be happening anytime soon. Uni work has also been stressing me out with exams now looming... a less than good mark in my physics tutorial and the fact that our tutor makes you feel so guilty upset me quite also. 

On Wednesday however Scott came round after work and we walked down to the beach to watch the firework display. It was amazing to watch and lovely to do something so seasonal. The weather was freezing though - can defiantly feel it now. Only two days later and I was heading to spend the weekend with Scott again. Cooking together, making use of his bath to soak in lush 'christmas eve' and watching the rugby on his huge TV. We also booked our first holiday together for June. We are off to Tenerife and will be away the week of Scotts 22nd birthday too. Cannot wait for summer 2015. We had quite a few to drink with his dad on Saturday afternoon and then more vodka at home later... oops!

Arrived back in Aberdeen this morning feeling pretty rough and lonely without Scott. Some more stress to do with the fire extinguisher in our flat with apparently has been used and we are being fined for it. It defiantly hasn't been touched by us or any of our friends though. I'm having a nice early night and hopefully a productive day tomorrow. 

I so badly wanted to get a fireworks OOTD up on Thursday but the most frustrating thing about living in halls is not being able to take photos - it really annoys me. 

Hope everyone else has been enjoying there weekend!


  1. Awwww you walking down to the beach with scott sounds so romantic! glad you had fun and that bake looks so yummy

  2. Ah you booked to go to Fanabe! You will love it :) it's the posher end - I sound like I'm being a little stuck up saying that but the centre of Las Americas is a bit like an episode of Geordie Shore.. worth a visit but you want to be staying in Costa Adeje or Fanabe!! There is a nice little marina to walk around and the beach is great there too - yellow sand not black! PLUS there is a McDonalds on the beach which is always a win hehe xxx

  3. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:


  4. Hope you have an amazing hol next year it sounds amazing, and glad you enjoyed the fireworks I love bonfire night xxx


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