My week in pictures #95 (#94)

Sunday, November 23

(From top left) Wasn't with dad for his birthday but I made sure his card was in the post on time (I'm also now aware I slept birthday wrong... oops). Made macaroni cheese for Monday night dinner. Friday night drinks with the girls in my favourite dress. Bakewell tart shots in revolution. Macaroons for desert in cosmos (the most delicious all you can eat restaurant). Some treats from my shopping trip - the jeans were so badly needed!

(From top left) Indian style tuna fried rice as an experiment - it was good but I think I can make it better. After a week of hard work I finally handed in my physics lab report. My mums home made chicken pie which was amazing. Watched the rugby which saw the 2nd win for Scotland (excited for the 6 nations now). Mums dusty blue fedora which I may be acquiring. Had two days of lovely clear skies this weekend.
I've fallen into the one trap I was trying to avoid... stopping blogging when I moved to university. It it not because I don't want to blog and haven't had the time - I have! It is just so difficult to take pictures while living it halls; especially outfit pictures (I really did try hard). However after being home for the weekend I feel like I'm back on track again with lots of new ideas.

This past week has been quite stressful mainly because I left my physics lab report to the last minute. I spent many late nights in the library and even got there at 8am on Friday to get it al finished. That was the only thing I did all week which was kind of boring. An immense sense of relief when I handed it in though.

I was so so so so excited to come home this weekend. I just needed to relax in my own space. It has been so restful and I've loved it. Watching the rugby and strictly with my mumma. Taken some outfit pictures and enjoyed her home cooking. We are away to give my brother a lift to my aunt and uncles soon too. A good weekend so I'm ready to face the week again.

The first set of pictures are from the previous week (I hate missing these posts) when I was more busy. The highlight was going out on Friday night with the flat girls then spending Sunday shopping in Aberdeen with Scott. I won't go into much more detail - mostly because I can't remember it in detail. 

I've got this weeks posts all planned out and then some! Can't wait to share them with you and feel like a proper blogger again. Hope everyone has had a good weekend too.


  1. This is such a lovely post! I hope your dad had a super fun birthday! Also, I love some mac and cheese, could have it any day for any meal :)
    Finally, I hope you have a great time at university. Oh, and just to add, you're really pretty! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
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  2. ohh those food looks yummy! love this post oh btw Check out my blog i have a fab giveaway up!


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