I'm Wearing Red for Christmas

Monday, December 29

Dress: M&S (Similar) | Top: Primark | Shoes: Matalan
This years christmas day outfit is a little more subdued than last years. I can't quite emphasise how old this dress is... I think I've had it about 5 years and only worn it once. It is perfect for a more grown up family meal even though we don't leave the house. Too keep it cosier and more wintery I paired it with my black roll neck top. This dress has a lovely shape that shows off an hour glass shape and makes me feel really grown up. I'm obviously going to have to make more of an effort to wear it. 

The shoes I'm wearing (which unfortunately in the shadows a little) are now in the matalan sale for only £8. A definite bargain if you are looking for a simple black shoe.

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