My week in pictures #100

Sunday, December 28

(From top left) Costa break while shopping in Edinburgh for a yummy black forest hot chocolate and incredible chocolate jaffa. Pretty Christmas light - a bargain from ikea at only £5. Ordered some new prints from snapfish to decorate my walls for the new year. Christmas dinner - everyones favourite meal of the year. A selection of my lovely Christmas gifts (a post to follow this week). It has been so so so cold but on the plus side the garden looks beautiful all covered in frost.
One of the busiest weeks of the year is now coming to a close and it feels like the festive season is over. I miss the days when you were a child when Christmas lasted for a whole week with family coming and going all the time.

We kicked off our week with a trip to Edinburgh and Ikea. We got a few bits and bobs before meeting mums friend for lunch at the botanic gardens (our favourite place). On Tuesday I had my dreaded passport interview... I really shouldn't have been so worried because the man was lovely. He asked me a bunch of questions only I would really know the answers too (my brothers birthday, how my parents met, how long in the car to various near by towns from my house). It was all so straight forward and I got a text the next day saying my passport was in the post. After the interview mum and I got some last minute Christmas shopping done.

Christmas eve was spent preparing things at home, Scott came round and we decorated the little tree I have for the sitting room. Christmas day was also spent at home - I dressed up for my family coming round for dinner (that post will be up tomorrow). Mum loves her new kindle from dad and I'm in love with the boots she bought me from office. We've still to meet up with a few members of the family to swap presents yet so I will put off my 'What I got for christmas' style post a little longer. 

Boxing day was spent with Scott - we swapped presents and had a rerun of Christmas dinner. He put my presents to shame with some really lovely gifts for me!! I'm gonna buy him a few extra things when I see the 'right' one. 

Everyday since has been spent fairly lazily around the house. My bedroom is still a bomb site since hauling all my things back from Aberdeen for the holidays. I'm looking forward to what next week has in store already. 

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a good ChristmS then. And you've reached #100!!


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