My week in pictures #99

Sunday, December 21

(From top left) Watched ELF for the first time on Tuesday with my flatmates. I received this lovely dress from fecbek just in time for hogmanay. Made myself chicken pie for dinner mid-week. The view from the 7th floor or the library - please ignore my fingers. We decorated the christmas tree on Friday. A christmas manicure with pound lands 'Teal Tinsel'.
With my flatmates gradually going home during the week and my final exam on Thursday this week has been an odd one. Taking the last chance to spend some quality time together we watched ELF while lazing around eating pizza. Everyone finds it hard to believe I've never seen it but I've always felt like it was over-hyped but actually I really enjoyed it.

I spent even more hours in the library this week but finally bid it farewell as I went to my final exam. I'm not sure how much good it did me because I didn't feel like I did very well in the exam but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

My folks were there when I got out and helped me pack everything away and tidy the kitchen before heading home. So happy to be back for Christmas and spending some lazy time. I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or something because I have 0 energy and just feel rubbish. Frustratingly I've not been able to see Scott this weekend either because he still has doesn't have a car - however hopefully it will be fixed soon and we have plans for Christmas eve and boxing day.

Apart from all the obvious festivities and last minute shopping this week I've got my passport interview? As a quiet person who doesn't feel confident in these situations I'm really nervous - have you had one?

Hope everyone is getting into the christmas spirit and spending time with family too <3

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  1. love that nail polish! so pretty

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