Winter in Seaton Park

Saturday, December 20

Everyday I get to walk through the beautiful Seaton park to get to university. As someone who lives in the countryside with fields surrounding her house this is a lovely space of calm in a busy city. When I arrived in Aberdeen in September there were still beautiful flowers in the flowers beds. Now we are in the middle of winter though they have all died off and crisp, white frost covers the ground. My blogging flatmate, Eilidh, and I decided to have a walk through near the start of December to take some photos. With the sky being so grey it was hard to choose the right settings for the camera but these are my favourite photos.

I'm already looking forward to April and May when the flower beds will be all planted up again and full of colour. The gardeners really do make a fabulous job of keeping it all neat and tidy. 

Apologises for this blog post being so late on a Saturday - not my normal time. I'm typing it up quickly in the break between the two strictly shows because if it doesn't go live today it never will. I've already voted for Caroline because her show dance really was show stopping. Hope everyone is having a lovely festive weekend.


  1. The park looks gorgeous, I bet it's pretty cold in Scotland now! Hope you had a nice weekend :) xxx

  2. Ah I'm so glad she won though! I love Strictly and can't wait for the Christmas special x


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