My week in pictures #102

Sunday, January 11

(From top left) A bargain leopard print coat from tesco - so happy I could pick it up. Finally got all my thank you letters done... its been a bit of an up hill struggle. My vans arrived and are perfect. A tweed shall from my grandma which is gorgeous and much have lost a fortune. Got to the end of series 3 of Grimm... ooh that cliff hanger!! Lunch and shopping with Scott today which was lovely. 
What a busy week it has been - I could sleep for a month now. Firstly on Monday I went into visit my uncle and aunty because they needed some IT help. They gave me lunch and tea so we just had a lovely family day. On Wednesday I went to see Scott and we made burritos for tea and watched some TV. Missed meeting him from the train every week now I'm at uni. 

On Thursday I started the two hour train journey to Falkirk to stay with my Gran. We went out to a delicious Italian for Lunch and then a browse round a local garden centre. In the afternoon we went to visit a friend of hers before going home for some tea. She goes to bed quite early so I was left to play around online in the evening. The next day we went into town and has a look in TK Maxx (where I got a really cute knitted cardigan for £5) and Next. We went out for a late lunch before I got the train back in the evening. I was falling asleep on the train as the rain poured outside. It was the first time I'd stayed there since I was little and it was very nice. 

Today Scott decided we were going to go out for Lunch. We speed along to Dundee and looked round a few of the shops first. I really didn't see anything worth parting with my money for though which is sad but good for my bank I guess. We went into Nandos because we'd never been and were keen to try it. Sadly we had to wait over 30 minutes before they told us that you had to order at the till... The lady we told though was very apologetic and gave us vouchers for a free meal the next time we were in. Result! The food we eventually got was delicious too.

Back home now feeling very sleepy and almost ready for my bed. At the end of this week I'll be heading back to Aberdeen to start uni again. Hope everyone had a good weekend too!

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