Purple Tweed Scarf and Cream Knitwear

Wednesday, January 14

Dress: Primark | Cardigan: Amara Reya (via TK Maxx) | Scarf: Handmade (not by me) | Headband: New Look | Boots: Office 
When choosing an outfit for going shopping and a lunch date at Nandos with Scott on Sunday I was automatically drawn to the newer items in my wardrobe. I bought this cardigan in TK Maxx when I was shopping with my Grandma - I'd actually gone into the shop looking for a cosy knitted cardigan but in a dark blue or navy colour. Even though this isn't the shade I was looking for it was a bargainous £5 in their yellow label sale! This gorgeous scarf was out of my Grandmas wardrobe - it is tweed handmade on the isle of lewis. So much better than cheaper replicas from Primark (even though I love mine). Honestly so in love with this scarf but I won't wear it out too often for fear of ruining it. 

I've got a concussion to make... I've never actually worn this headband out despite getting it last christmas. It is really cute but I'm just not confident with how it makes my head look. What do you think? Maybe when I wear this outfit again I'll be brave enough. I was very cosy and it kept my hair from flying everywhere. I also got a good shot of my new office boots! They really go with everything. 

I managed to battle the wind in between snow showers and it getting dark to get these shots done. I managed to get another outfit shot and bake some cookies. I'm going to Scott in an hour or so - feeling like I've done well today.

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  1. I really like the headband on you! And your boots are just gorgeous.
    Sarah-Jane xo // www.vmgirl.me


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