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Wednesday, January 28

I've been planning this post since I got this gorgeous Naj Oleari bag from TK Maxx in November. It even featured in my November Favourites post - unfortunately I don't think it will be in stock anymore but if you check in store they might have something similar. The new university term started last week so there couldn't be a better time to show you what is in my bag. I don't take everything with me everyday of course but days when I've got a lot on or will be in the library the big bag comes with me.

As far as lectures go I have this A5 notebook from poundland which fits all my subject notes in. I'm not a huge note taker because I feel like it is more useful to listen. I do also print out the lecture slides for a few of my subjects and make notes around them so I don't repeat what is on the slide. I also take my filofax (which every year I promise to use better) and my kindle which I keep notes that don't need printed on to read. The pencil case is an obvious one because I need to have all my different pens with me and a calculator is an essential for anyone doing a science degree.

I take my water bottle because staying hydrated is important for staying focused (and you can fill it up free in the library), a memory stick is always handy to have and my gloves and ipod for the walk to and from uni.

Finally the best thing about my bag is the middle pocket which fits my macbook pro (in its own sleeve) perfectly. That was a big deciding factor when looking for a bag. It is too heavy to carry with me everyday but it is a nightmare to get a computer so it is handy to have. I chuck a few 'handbag' items in when I'm leaving like my purse, ipod, vaseline, lipgloss, body spray and my hair brush and I'm good to go.

Today I've been starting to work on a new look for G is for Gingers. My current layout is really starting to annoy me! I'd love to change my header but have 0 ideas... I'd love to know your thoughts or anyone you think who has a particularly great blog design. 

I have an old post which shows you what is in my handbag - you can see it here.

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  1. This is such a great post. I never know how much to take to university and my bag changes so rapidly depending on the day. Its nice to see what someone elses typical university bag looks like! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles


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