The Perfect Sparkly Black Dress with Blue Vanilla

Tuesday, February 24

Dress: Blue Vanilla* | Heels: M&S 
How gorgeous is this dress? I couldn't believe my eyes when it landed on my door step a few weeks ago - it was a complete surprise because I didn't remember looking at it back in November...

This is the first item I own from Blue Vanilla and the quality is outstanding. The beading is really intricate but doesn't feel that fragile. Its simple shift style makes it the perfect little black dress. I really can't praise this dress enough and can't wait until I find an occasion to wear it out. I just don't get invited to enough formal events.

Blue Vanilla also offer a 10% student discount via unidays so well worth it!  

I'd love to know what you are lusting after on the Blue Vanilla site or what you already own and love! 

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  1. Hi Claire,

    How are you? Very nice dress and it suits you well. Looks very glam and has a 1920s touch. I got a dress from Blue Vanilla, too. It's cream coloured shift dress with little zipper pockets but it had a weird shape (like a potato bag) so it is with a dressmaker atm to get it tailored. Hope to speak soon xxx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

  2. You look lovely! :)

  3. That dress is gorgeous, you look lovely! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles


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