Bright Summer Prints in Winter

Thursday, February 26

Dress: Handmade McCall's Pattern No. M6646 | Jacket: Rocha: John Rocha | Shoes: Matalan | Scarf: Local Boutique

I first styled this dress in September 2013 when my blog photography was far from what it is now (you can see the original post here). I made it myself as a little summer project because I feel in love with the pattern. However I've found if you only wear your pretty dresses in summer you don't get proper wear out of them so I decided to cosy it up with dark tights and this gorgeous brown velvet jacket from Debenhams. Finally some simple low black heels which are another item in my wardrobe that has had so much wear.

As you may know I went to the theatre on Saturday night to see 'Three Men in a Boat' (you can see what I thought of it here). As the theatre will always be something special in my mind I like to dress up a bit and this is what I choose to wear. We had a really good night and I can't wait to wear this dress out again in the sunshine. 

What do you guys think of making your own dresses? Ever given it ago? Leave me a comment below and let me know. 

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  1. I love wearing bright prints in the winter, it always really brightens my day! You look gorgeous! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Love this look! That jacket is the perfect color and looks great with that print! So cute!



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