My week in pictures #109

Monday, March 2

(From top left) Finally got round to watching the amazing spiderman 2 (it was pretty good even though I already knew the story). Homemade tuna fishcakes for tea - yum yum! Stayed up til 11pm on Monday when the Broadchurch final came on the STV player. Pretty minerals in rocks as part of my geology coursework. Scott and I out in town on Friday night with his work mates. Went for the cutest walk around Duthie Park on Saturday with my flatmate Eilidh and her wee cousin.
Busy weeks are nothing new around here but this past week has really topped it. You know when it feels like all your assessments and reports are due at once? The results have been a mixed bag but the one thing it has taught me is that I need to stop leaving my work until the last minute.

I watched the Broadchurch final on  Monday with Eilidh and I'm not 100% sure how I felt about the conclusion of the story... I will be excited to see it back for a third series though. On Wednesday Scott came round again - we made chilli nachos for tea which was AMAZING. We then watched Hell's Kitchen for the rest of the night. 

After having a fairly stressful end of the week sorting out bits of work for university Scott was back on Friday evening. We were going out with his work mates after dinner. We always have so much fun out with them and lots of vodka. Some ridiculous dancing in the club (from what I can remember) then a McDonalds to prevent the hangover. It would have been perfect apart from me leaving the coat I wear most often in the club - it is still there but I haven't found time to go back and get it. It hasn't help I've lost my bus pass too...

Saturday was incredibly lazy as Scott and I just stayed in. We watched the rugby (which is never to be spoken about again... I almost cried) and then got a Chinese for tea. We eat so much we weren't actually capable of moving. 

Sunday was the most perfect way to end the weekend. I went with my flatmate Eilidh to her aunties and we took her little cousin down to Duthie park. I'd no idea how nice it was down there and definitely want to head back asap with my camera. We then just played games in the evening and had homemade pizza for tea. There is nothing quite like being with a lovely family when otherwise I would have been alone.

Life is so jam packed and fun at the moment. Hope you all had a lovely weekend too and hopefully I'll have time to catch up on some of your blogs later. 

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  1. I loved Broadchurch - I was so disappointed with the ending though but I can't wait for the next season!


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